“Dynamic” Zunyi Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine: Shouzheng Traditional Chinese Medicine Passes on the Torch, Committed to a New Chapter of Qiqi Huangqi

[Introduction]: Zunyi Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine is a national tertiary first-class hospital of traditional Chinese medicine, a national standardized training base for residents of traditional Chinese medicine, a national practical skills examination base for practicing doctors of traditional Chinese medicine and integrated traditional Chinese and Western medicine, Guizhou The postgraduate training base of the University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, and the “Western Learning Chinese” training base in Guizhou Province.

Looking back at the 66-year development process, it is full of the enthusiasm and infinite love of several generations of Zunyi TCM practitioners for the revitalization and development of Zunyi TCM.

(Xinpu District)

< p data-track="4">“Chinese medicine is not a slow doctor, it can save lives at critical times!”

2021 1 On August 8, Lin, a middle-aged female patient, expressed this praise in the ward of Zunyi Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine. The story goes like this——On January 8, 2021, Lin came to the Department of Traditional Chinese Medicine Classics of Zunyi Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine. After examination, she was preliminarily considered to be suffering from occipital neuralgia and peripheral neuritis. Then the doctor arranged for the patient to undergo acupuncture, massage with sticks, Bloodletting and other treatments. Unexpectedly, during the treatment, the patient suddenly lost consciousness, could not speak, the corners of the mouth were crooked, and his right limbs were weak. This is clearly an acute stroke.

“Time is brain”. In a critical situation, Wang Bin, the director of the department, decisively instructed: “Acupuncture people, ten times.” Physician He Changbo at the side immediately took out the needle and operated, first stabbing the person, and then stabbing the punch. In the process of needling at Zhongchong, the patient only heard a loud cry of “Ah”, and instantly became conscious, able to answer questions, and the strength of the right limbs recovered immediately. “The magic of Chinese medicine”, the doctors, nurses and intern students present were all amazed.

While waiting for the inspection of thrombolysis, Director Wang Bin also prescribed the classic stroke treatment “Xiaoxumingtang” granules for the patient The patient’s condition was further relieved by using the traditional Chinese medicine method for active first aid.

Subsequently, the patient was clearly diagnosed with acute cerebral infarction after examination, and intravenous thrombolytic therapy was performed according to the standard diagnosis and treatment process for acute stroke in the hospital. Due to the timely and appropriate first aid method of traditional Chinese medicine, which effectively prevented the deterioration of the disease, Lin finally recovered quickly. She was very grateful to Director Wang Bin and Dr. He Changbo, and praised the hospital of traditional Chinese medicine to everyone since then.

Unknown to Lin, the Zunyi Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine, which was built in 1956, has gone through many trials and hardships, passed on from generation to generation, after 66 years of construction The history of the hospital has always adhered to the development concept of “playing the advantages of traditional Chinese medicine, highlighting the characteristics of traditional Chinese medicine, broadening the service field, and improving clinical efficacy”, adhering to the spirit of the hospital motto of “observing traditional Chinese medicine, practicing righteousness and benevolence”, and “carrying forward the characteristics of traditional Chinese medicine, creating In order to follow the “quality service” and give full play to the characteristics and advantages of the motherland’s medicine, it has greatly improved the ability of Chinese medicine treatment and service.

Romous Years

Struggle to build a foundation

In the vast history, 66 years are like a snap of the fingers. But for Zunyi Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine, the 66-year period bears the ups and downs of arduous establishment, prosperity, desolation, rise, and forge ahead. Unlimited love.

(Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital Outpatient Building in the 1980s)< /span>

There were only 65 employees in the traditional Chinese medicine hospital at the beginning of its establishment, and the outpatient department only opened traditional Chinese medicine internal medicine, acupuncture and moxibustion, Chinese pharmacy, laboratory, and inpatient department There are only 50 beds. Living, medical water, coal, food, etc. must be carried manually; medical treatment, scientific research, teaching, pharmaceutical processing, and processing can only be carried out in dark and narrow houses. Conditions are difficult, staffing is insufficient, and the hospital started in a difficult environment. However, even under such conditions, doctors and nurses in the hospital of traditional Chinese medicine are still diligent in their business and are committed to inheriting and developing traditional Chinese medicine. Emerging talents such as Shi Yusheng, Wang Yuncong, Tang Zongming, Yang Zhongguang, Zheng Xudong, Peng Mingsong and a large number of famous old Chinese medicine practitioners and pharmacists established the affiliated pharmaceutical factory of Zunyi Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital, the predecessor of Zunyi Pharmaceutical Factory; the establishment of Zunyi Traditional Chinese Medicine School added to the traditional Chinese medicine culture in northern Guizhou. It has enriched the connotation and made great contributions to the traditional Chinese medicine cause and the training of Chinese medicine talents in Zunyi area.

Liberate your mind

Leaping development to create brilliance

After 66 years of hard work, the lead has been washed away, and everything has been renewed. Today’s Zunyi Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine has established a hospital in Zunyi and even in northern Guizhou that takes advantage of the unique advantages of traditional Chinese medicine and protects people’s health. monument. The following group of examples of “contrast between soft and hard” perfectly demonstrate the development strength of Zunyi Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine over the past 66 years.

( Xinpu Branch of Zunyi Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine was officially opened on September 28, 2020)

The hospital has now developed into an area of ​​more than 140 acres, “One Hospital and Four Sites” (Xinpu District, Fenghuang District, Laocheng Outpatient Department and Hongxing Outpatient Department, 4 practice sites) a modern third-class Chinese medicine hospital. It has 1,200 beds and has Philips digital subtraction Advanced diagnosis and treatment equipment such as angiography system (DSA), 64-row 128-slice CT, magnetic resonance and other large-scale equipment provide accurate scientific basis for the diagnosis of patients’ conditions and interpret the rigorous medical attitude of the hospital. The introduction of HIS, EMR , CPOE, CP, PACS, LIS systems, establish an information chain, build a fully virtualized data center, carry out the construction of five-level electronic medical records, realize WeChat registration, payment, query of inspection results, and query of expense list, making full use of the advantages of the Internet , provide technical support, realize two-way referral, remote consultation, information resource sharing such as imaging diagnosis and test results, and provide convenient and efficient guarantee services for patients to see a doctor.

At the same time, the hospital also puts the construction and improvement of software facilities in an equally important position, always adheres to the policy of “building the hospital with talents, and prospering the hospital with technology”, puts people first, and pays attention to the introduction and training of excellent professionals. There are 947 employees, including 97 senior titles, 4 doctors, 86 postgraduates, and 8 provincial and municipal famous Chinese medicine practitioners. The Zunyi workstation of Wu Guangjiong’s national famous Chinese medicine inheritance studio has been established.

(Wu Guangjiong National Famous Traditional Chinese Medicine Inheritance Studio Zunyi Workstation Awarded)

In order to allow talents to apply what they have learned and serve the people, Zunyi Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine strives to create a good atmosphere for gathering, loving and using talents; it is committed to creating “famous doctors, famous departments, and famous hospitals” Brand effect, adopt the measures of “external introduction and internal training”, increase the selection and training of academic leaders and specialist technical personnel, focus on improving the overall medical technology level of the hospital, and build a combination of old, middle and young, with excellent business and technology Superb team. The vitality of Zunyi TCM shines brightly here.

The combination of hardware and software is a demonstration of the hospital’s strong strength. The hospital currently has 62 administrative clinical medical technology departments. Specialties have obvious advantages: the Department of Pulmonology is a key construction discipline of traditional Chinese medicine in Guizhou Province, and the Department of Oncology is a cultivation discipline of Traditional Chinese Medicine in Guizhou Province. There are three provincial TCM specialist diagnosis and treatment centers in northern Qianbei, including Tuina, Encephalopathy, and Endocrinology; Zunyi Geriatrics Clinical Medicine Center; Zunyi Neurology (Encephalopathy) Clinical Medicine Center; Zunyi City Diabetic Foot Disease Traditional Chinese Medicine Prevention Talents Team (Zunyi Diabetic Foot Studio). Rehabilitation Department, Traditional Chinese Medicine Classical Ward, and Traditional Chinese Medicine Preparation Center are provincial-level demonstration construction departments, and the Department of Encephalopathy is a national-level grassroots key construction specialty. Nine departments of pulmonary diseases, oncology, spleen and stomach diseases, orthopedics, massage, endocrinology, obstetrics and gynecology, acupuncture and moxibustion, and dermatology are provincial key (including construction) specialties.

The hospital continues to dig and sort out traditional Chinese medicine classics and proven prescriptions. Based on years of clinical application, it has successively developed “Xiaoshuan Tongluo Capsules” “San” and other 8 hospital preparations have remarkable curative effect and are favored by patients.

Currently, the hospital has become the national standardized training base for TCM residents, the national practice skills examination base for TCM and integrated TCM and Western medicine practitioners, and the Guizhou TCM The postgraduate training base of the University of Medicine, and the “Western Learning Chinese” training base in Guizhou Province. Not only that, relying on the Municipal Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Zunyi City Society of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Zunyi City Traditional Chinese Medicine Medical Care, Nursing, and Quality Control Center for Traditional Chinese Medicine Pharmaceutical Affairs Management were established. Effectively promote and promote the sustainable development of traditional Chinese medicine in northern Guizhou.

Make great efforts

Thick and thin start a new chapter

(On February 25, 2022, Famous Doctors Hall opened)

Good wind helps, wings blue sky, thick accumulation, Forge ahead. Zunyi Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine will thoroughly study and implement the spirit of the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, comprehensively strengthen the party building of public hospitals, adhere to the direction of running public hospitals, seize historical opportunities, seek breakthroughs from management innovation, establish an image from service improvement, and Strive to improve in scientific and technological innovation, seek development from promoting reform, use the excellent quality of honesty to treat patients, strive to promote the high-quality development of the hospital, and continue to strive to build the hospital into a well-known nationwide, first-class southwest, leading in the province, and a leading city in the city Trusted by the masses, respected by peers, satisfied by the government, and proud of its employees, a Grade III-A hospital of traditional Chinese medicine plays a movement that promotes the inheritance, innovation and development of traditional Chinese medicine.

66 years of salary to create brilliant, looking back,The development of traditional Chinese medicine in Zunyi City is not only a history of exploration, but also a history of struggle, and a history of heavy glory. After the rough roads in the early days of creation, the twists and turns in the reform period, and the reform and innovation in the new century, a hundred flowers bloom. With the continuous improvement of the hospital’s medical level and service ability, Zunyi Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine has become a shining business card of traditional Chinese medicine covering the northern Guizhou area!