Global Lung Cancer Awareness Month | Cut off the “curse” of lung cancer, take the initiative, and it can also be overcome

Hi everyone, I am Chen Fan, a thoracic surgeon.

Every November is “Global Lung Cancer Concern ”, a global initiative launched by the World Lung Cancer Federation in November 2001 to:

Popularize the knowledge of standardized diagnosis and treatment of lung cancer, and improve people’s awareness of cancer prevention and anti-cancer.

Currently, Although lung cancer is the “number one killer” of cancer deaths, its etiology is very clear, such as smoking, polluted air, kitchen fume, etc., which are easily exposed to in our daily life.

Just take action, stay away from tobacco and cancer risk factors, and stay as far away from air pollution as possible , Changing bad lifestyles and habits can effectively prevent the occurrence of lung cancer, which we can all do. It can be seen that lung cancer is a preventable cancer.

Smoking is recognized one of the main causes of lung cancer. Smoke contains a lot of harmful substances such as tar and nicotine. If you smoke for a long time, the carcinogens in the smoke will repeatedly stimulate the bronchial mucosa< /span>, leading to an increasing risk of lung cancer. For smokers, quit smoking and drinking in time, and stay away from second-hand smoke to avoid uncomfortable symptoms.

In addition, Air pollution and other dust pollution are also lung cancer Important Risk Factors. PM2.5 has been announced by the World Health Organization as a first-class carcinogen. In some areas, firewood and other fuels are used to make fire, and a large amount of smoke particles are inhaled, which increases the incidence of lung cancer.

kitchen fume It is often the invisible killer of most female patients! Women cook a lot, so they will inevitably be attacked by thick smoke when cooking. When the oil temperature reaches a certain height, some harmful substances will be volatilized.If the indoor air is not circulated, it is easy to inhale the harmful substances into the lungs. Long-term exposure to high-temperature oil fume increases the risk of lung cancer by 2~3 times.

Lung low-dose CT is one of the effective ways to screen lung cancer at present, and it is very helpful for early detection of lung cancer is of great significance. Regular screening is the key to reducing the incidence and mortality of lung cancer!

This is Dr. Chen , I hope the above can help you. Health, don’t wait until it is hard to buy, to cherish it.