The most sober way of life: don’t look back, don’t seek outside, don’t compare

The writer A Babayeva once lamented:

“A person should be middle-aged when he is born, and then gradually become younger, so that he will cherish time and not waste it on On unnecessary things.”

< span> feel the same way.

When young, We are always internally consumed by too many meaningless things, and we live tired and flustered.

After half a lifetime, I just realized that if a person wants to live a wonderful life, he must grow inward and constantly strengthen himself.

Only in this way can we calmly face the challenges of life and win true happiness.

Knowing not to look back, not to look outside, not to compare yourself to others, is the most sober way to live for the rest of your life.

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Do not look back

There is a person who was born In a wealthy family, the first half of his life lived without worrying about food and clothing.

Unexpectedly, his family fell apart in a political turmoil.

One night, he From rich and powerful to a pauper with nothing.

Since then , he began to flee everywhere, living a precarious life.

For a long time after that, he indulged in past misfortunes all day long, and become decadent.

Then one day, he was wandering outside alone, passing a wheat field that had just been flooded , and saw a farmer plowing his field.

He couldn’t help asking the farmer curiously: “The crops are all dead, why are you working so hard?” ?”

The farmer looked up at him and said, “Although the crops are gone, but The field is still there.”

He asked again: “Then don’t you complain or feel sad? ?”

The farmer replied: “Of course I am also sad, but sad cannot be exchanged for food, It cannot be exchanged for money.”

Hearing what the farmer said, he was stunned and stood still. I fell into deep thought at the edge of the field.

He suddenly realized: “Yes, I have been addicted to the past and can’t solve any problems. Only by letting go of the past and looking forward can I change the bad situation.”

From that day on, he revived his energy and studied vigorously, and later devoted himself to the pharmaceutical research industry, and devoted himself to the development of infant milk powder.

Finally, he established his own food company and successfully developed the world-renowned Nestle milk powder.

On the road of life, every Individuals are bound to experience setbacks and tribulations.

If you always If you are obsessed with the past and keep ruminating about the past, you will turn your present life into a puddle of mud.

and Competing with the past will only delay the way forward; tearing up with memories will also miss more opportunities.

I really like a sentence from Shakespeare:

“Don’t linger under the trees, don’t meditate in the rain, don’t cry in the dark. Look forward, don’t look back, as long as you face it bravely, look up and you will find that the haze at this moment is just a short rainy season .Looking forward, there is still a bright sky.”

No matter what you have experienced, it is the best choice for middle-aged people to take a long-term view and move forward without distraction.


Do not ask outside

Russian short story writer Chekhov once said:

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“No matter when and where, what the situation is, people always rely on yourself. Because those who rely on themselves will not only get the support of others, but also get their own support.”

The more a person depends on the outside world, the easier it is to lose himself. Only by constantly looking inward can he not be afraid of the sudden changes in life.

In the TV series “The Centimeter of Love”, Guan Duoyun returned home and became a full-time wife after Chen Zhijun’s career became better and better.

Unexpectedly, later Chen Zhijun hangs out outside, Guan Duoyun suddenly realizes that relying on others will never be happy.

Close cloudy decisive choice divorced, determined to rely on their own efforts to regain their lives.

OFF Cloudy ON On the road to starting a business, she discovered that doing “light food” takeaways online does not require a lot of investment, nor does she need to spend money to rent a storefront.

So, she herself Selecting ingredients, making them by yourself, and delivering them yourself, every step is very hard, and every step is done very seriously.

After a period of time After exploring, she became more and more proficient in doing it, and her business was getting better and better.

Free time, she I also tried to write articles and share my own stories on self-media.

Her articles get It won the likes of many people, and within a few months, the number of fans has reached 170,000.

After work, She practiced yoga, read books, traveled, and arranged every day properly, and she became more and more confident.

She is in the article Write: “Don’t rely on anyone easily, no matter at what time, relying on yourself is the real happiness.”

Taking others as a harbor, the most you can get is temporary stability, and placing your hopes on others, most of what you see is a mirage.

A The sense of security that people want has always been given by themselves, and they are the strongest shelter.

Instead of relying on others everywhere, it is better to temper your own strength, even if an accident strikes, you can be fearless.

As Lu Yao said: “If you live by yourself, your soul will be stable.”

In the world of middle-aged people, your hard power is the biggest confidence against life.

Life is impermanent, build Take care of your own eaves, whether it’s windy or rainy, or snowy all over the sky, you can be safe and sound.


Do not compare span>

Japanese drama ” In “I Always Feel Happier Next Door”, the housewife Xiao Gongshan always feels that her neighbors are happier than herself.

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Since the family next door moved in, Xiao Gongshan, who used to live peacefully, has become extremely restless. For comparison.

Yes Once, Xiao Gongshan was washing clothes in the yard, and saw a neighbor couple dressed up, ready to go out to attend a high-end dinner.

The wife is dressed exquisitely and stylishly, carrying a brand-name bag, holding her husband in a high-end suit, and the two greet Xiao Gongshan 。

Miyayama Busily wiped the foam on the apron, stood up hastily, and responded to the other party in an embarrassing manner.

In order to live the same “high-quality life” as her neighbors, even though the family is already struggling, she still spends money to rent some luxury goods and dress herself up beautifully.

She still spends money Invite people to come to your home to pose for a photo, and post the exquisite photos on the social network to satisfy your vanity.

But Xiao Gongshan Little did he know that the neighbor he envied had all kinds of troubles behind it.

The well-dressed neighbor , because the man’s ex-wife had a child suddenly, and was worrying about whether to enter the marriage.

There is another neighbor , who has been pregnant for a long time but still has not conceived a child, and they are envious of her who has a child.

Many times, we Always envious of other people’s prosperity, but turn a blind eye to everything you own.

I don’t know , Maybe behind the life you look up to, there is a lot of pain hidden; maybe the person you envy is also yearning for your life.

Blind comparison and self-demand will only disturb one’s mood and lose one’s happiness.

As Carnegie said in “The Weakness of Human Nature”:

“Many troubles in life come from our blind comparison with others and forgetting to enjoy our own life.”

The rest of life is precious, wasting life on comparison with others is a kind of pain, and even more kind of sad.

Happiness is not fixed Ruler, no one’s life is perfect.

No comparison, understand Contentment and keeping the happiness in front of you is the greatest fulfillment for the rest of your life.


Half a lifetime has passed by, and middle age has arrived as promised.

Bumps In half a lifetime, I have come to understand more and more that changing everything from the inside and continuing to improve oneself is the real maturity of a person.

Only by not looking back and facing difficulties can we change the bad situation;

Don’t look outside, rely on yourself, you can meet happiness unexpectedly;

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Only by not comparing yourself to others can you live a good life with contentment and happiness.

For the rest of my life, May we all cultivate a strong heart, calmly deal with the troubles of the world, and live out our own unique life.