The 6 major behaviors of “delaying aging”, soaking feet ranked 4th, after reading the top of the list, everyone should treat it rationally

Aging is a phenomenon in which the body’s physical and psychological adaptability to the environment gradually declines, and it gradually goes to death. With the general development of today’s ideological culture, people aim at The perception of one’s own age has been changed. Both men and women pay special attention to their own skin management. Although aging is inevitable, it can be delayed. People who grow at a frozen age have also made efforts behind the scenes that ordinary people cannot do. .

The 6 major behaviors of “delaying aging”, soaking feet ranked 4th, after reading the top of the list, please treat it rationally

——Adjust your mood

As the saying goes: When you are angry, you often lose your temper or Being in an irritable and irritable emotional state for a long time will increase the physical pressure, affect the normal function and operation of internal organs, affect blood flow and cause rough skin. The so-called all diseases are caused by anger, and emotions will affect people’s aging and life span .

If you want to delay the speed of aging, you must maintain a good mood every day, which will make you particularly optimistic. I will also be full of confidence and courage in life, and I will become very young.

— —Drink more water

Drinking more water is very good for the skin because it can promote the metabolism of the skin , can promote the elimination of toxic substances in the body including the skin, can increase the elasticity and water content of the skin, and delay the aging of the skin.

The body accounts for 70% water. It is conceivable that if there is no water in the body, not only the skin will wrinkle , Even the organs in the body will slowly shrink, which is not conducive to the normal functioning of the body.

It is recommended that female friends should ensure about 2000ml of boiled water every day, which will not only replenish water for the body, but also Let the skin drink enough water to increase the elasticity of the skin.

— —Ensure proper exercise every day

Want to fight aging, exercise is essential, exercise can help You can improve your basal metabolism and run for 30-40 minutes a day for more than 5 days, which can slow down the shortening of telomeres. Oxygen content plays a role in delaying aging.

There are many ways to exercise, running, skipping rope, yoga, dancing, boxing, no matter what kind of exercise, As long as you persevere, you can succeed.

— — Soak feet frequently

Chinese medicine often says “cold from theAll diseases that arise from the next are cool and rise from the top.” So soaking feet has a good health effect, and a lot of toxins are easy to accumulate in the human body.

If the toxins are not detoxified in time, the toxins will continue to invade the organs and systems, which will bring a great burden to the body, and the body will easily get sick. Soaking feet in hot water can improve local blood circulation and drive away the cold , promote metabolism, and thus play a role in health care.

When soaking your feet, you might as well sprinkle some salt in the water , Salt water can sterilize, prevent and treat athlete’s foot, and make the skin of your feet smooth. In addition, the temperature of the foot bath water is preferably around 40°C. When it is cold, you need to continue to heat the water.

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——stay away from dessert

Sweet food is something that many girls can’t refuse. A bite of sweet cake will make you feel better, but the dessert Excessive sugar in the skin, sugar is the catalyst to accelerate skin aging, when sugar encounters protein, it will turn brown under certain conditions, which is an important factor leading to dark yellow skin.

In other words, sugar is the double killer of skin aging and dark yellow skin! To delay skin aging, you should limit the intake of sweets and eat as little as possible Desserts, sweet drinks, ice cream, cakes, etc.

——reasonable diet

The diet should be reasonable, It is not only necessary to supplement high-quality protein, but also to supplement various vitamins and vitamin elements. Try to eat less or not to eat foods with many additives. It is recommended to eat more foods containing phytoestrogens in the usual diet, such as soybeans, grains, and wheat. , black rice, sunflower seeds, onions, fresh milk, honey, royal jelly, pollen, eating some foods rich in dietary fiber, selenium and other minerals are also helpful for anti-aging.

Conclusion: Do you have anything to add about anti-aging methods? Would you mind sharing it in the comment section below?