The most common kidney injury is these 10, the fourth one many people do not know! No wonder the kidney is getting more and more weak~

The importance of kidneys to the human body is self-evident.

From the perspective of modern medicine, the kidney is like a sewage treatment plant that works around the clock; Enough energy is stored in order to ensure good health.

In our life, we always verbally “protect” the kidneys, but in fact, we often hurt it!

10 things the kidneys are most afraid of

01jiuzhan strong>

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that “standing for a long time damages the bones”, while the kidney stores essence, dominates the bones, And “the waist is the house of the kidney”.

Therefore, people who are often standing or those who stand for work are prone to kidney damage and kidney damage. Not nourishing the bones, coupled with long-standing skeletal qi and blood flow disorders, can cause symptoms such as backache, bone pain, and lumbar spine injury.


Sedentary for a long time will compress the bladder meridian and cause the bladder meridian qi and blood to run poorly The kidney meridian and the bladder meridian are connected externally and internally, so it will also cause abnormal kidney function.


Traditional Chinese medicine believes that “the kidney stores the essence”, the kidney essence is the foundation of life, and the kidney essence is the foundation of life. Injuries inevitably affect a person’s lifespan.

And sexual intercourse is the most likely to damage the kidney or cause kidney deficiency, so doctors all emphasize “rebooting desire”, ” Save the housework”.


Traditional Chinese medicine believes that “fear” can damage the kidneys. The lower limbs are sore and weak, and even urinary incontinence occurs, which is the performance of fear of kidney injury.

Some people like to watch horror movies, but they are too scared to turn off the lights and sleep after watching them. Kidney essence has been depleted.

05Getting cold

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that the kidney is afraid of cold, and “the waist is the house of the kidney”, and the kidney meridian starts again On the soles of the feet, so the waist and feet should pay more attention to keep warm.

You can usually rub your palms together. When you feel a little hot, put your hands around your waist and rub them up and down. Rub the waist until the waist feels hot. This method can maintain the acupuncture points of the waist, such as Mingmen and Shenshu.

06holding back

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that the kidneys and the bladder are both external and internal, and holding back urine for a long time will cause Cystitis damages kidney function and causes a series of kidney-related diseases, such as enuresis and sexual dysfunction.

In addition, the kidney is innate.

07Improper drinking

Drinking too much or too little water is bad for your kidneys.

A normal adult requires 1800-2500 ml of water per day. The daily intake of drinking water is about 1500~1700 ml.

Of course, the specific amount of drinking water should be reasonably increased or decreased according to the labor intensity, the amount of sweating and the temperature.

08Too heavy taste

Excessive salty diet is not good for the kidneys, Chinese medicine says “salt enters the kidney meridian” , A moderate amount of salt can strengthen the kidneys and bones, but too much salt will lead to increased blood pressure, so that the kidney blood cannot maintain normal flow, thereby causing diseases.

09Staying up late for a long time

Staying up late will consume a lot of human essence and blood, resulting in insufficient kidney essence.

For the dizziness, dry throat, red eyes, Memory loss and other conditions are symptoms of yin deficiency caused by staying up late to injure yin.

10Tobacco and alcohol limit

Tobacco and alcohol are both spicy and hot things. Excessive indulging in tobacco and alcohol will damage the kidneys unknowingly. ,affect health.

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that smoking damages the lungs, drinking damages the liver, and excessive smoking and drinking will damage the kidneys for a long time. The kidney essence is exhausted, and the vitality is greatly damaged.

Three actions to nourish kidney qi

< p>Traditional Chinese medicine believes that the growth and aging of the human body is closely related to the exuberance and deficiency of kidney qi at all stages.

Therefore, no matter what age people are, they should learn some kidney-raising skills. The following three kidney-protecting actions can be done at any time!

01Smashing the ground on tiptoe

Specific method: stand on tiptoe, then drop the heel to the ground, and so on repeatedly, take 30 times as 1 set, do 3 sets.

02Pailing at Biliao point

Specific practice: Bailiao point is located in the lumbosacral region of the human body, the sacrum There are 4 sacral holes on the left and right sides, which are Bliao points. Use the palm of your hand to hit the Biliao point, 30 times in a group, 3 groups a day.

03Massage Yongquan Point

Specific practice: The simple acupoint selection method of Yongquan Point is to put the foot The upper part is curled up, and the place where the sole of the foot is sunken in the front is that. Put the finger end of the thumb or index finger on the Yongquan Point of Zuxin, and massage it back and forth, 100 times a day.

point: Yongquan point is the function of kidney meridian. Tonifying the Kidney Meridian Qi and Blood.

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