Nearly dying to pluck ears with cotton swabs, some people have epilepsy, and even cancer! Please pass the doctor’s advice to everyone..

p Hidden MurderIn the 1920s, the advent of cotton swabs,one of the major uses isUsed to clean baby’s ears.

Nowadays, cotton swabs are almost an ear-picking tool! I believe many peoplehave itchy ears,after taking a shower,take a cotton swab to dig it out One dig!

But in fact, behind this small move,but“Hidden Dead”.

Some time ago,there was news that scared people,just took a cotton swab EarsSomeone paid a heavy price for this!

An intracranial infection caused epilepsy, and and a girlnearly died.


Aussie mum nearly killed her ear with cotton swabs!

Australian mum Jasmine Small, 38, and many others Likewise, she also has the habit of picking her ears with a cotton swab.

At the end of 2016, she discovered that hearing in the left ear Something went wrong and sometimesno sound at all! After about 7 or 8 months, things started to get worse.

When she used a cotton swab to pluck her ear again, it always felt in her left ear< strong>It hurts, sometimesbrown, bad-smelling fluidBlood,even bloodshot.

Realizing that the situation was not good, Small rushed to the hospital for examination.

span>At first, the doctor also thought that the situation was not serious, just a mild infection, and prescribed some antibiotics for her to take home. However, it didn’t work.

Small changed ENT specialist at the end of 2017 Later, it was discovered that the situation was very serious.

The doctor told her very seriously that she must Immediate surgery, life-threatening. Small was startled and had to postpone the honeymoon with her husband.

CT scans show infection deep in Small’s ear, This is very close to her brain.

It all turned out to be caused by loose cotton thread on the swab.

More incredible, the doctor concluded, the ear These small pieces of cottonhavestacked for five years!

Small soon underwent major surgery, She eventually survived,but her left ear sufferedpermanent damage,Next, she will need to face a series of recovery surgeries and even wear hearing aids.


A British man caused epilepsy by plucking his ears with a cotton swab…

Infection caused by plucking his ears with a cotton swab, But it’s not just Small.

The recent experience of a British man has sparked NHS Attention.


span>The 31-year-old started to experience pain in his left ear and headache five years ago.

This year, he often suffered from nausea and vomiting, even for a short period of time. Unconscious.

On examination by a doctor, he has Necrotizing otitis externa.

/p>This disorder is usually accompanied by a yellow or green, smelly discharge from the ear,ear pain, itching, and hearing loss. Necrotizing otitis externa often affects the normal operation of other nerves, and severe hemorrhage, meningitis, brain abscess, encephalomalacia, etc.seriously life-threatening Case.

to the brain, causing epilepsy. The medical team’s CT scan revealed two pus-filled lumps under his skull near the left ear canal.It is dangerous to treat the situation later.

To effectively eliminate the infection the root of .

Finally, with the help of brain imaging, they found a man’s < span>There is a foreign body in the ear canal. What was identified as causing a serious infectionwasa small handful of cotton.

It turned out that this guyAfter bathing, use a cotton swab to clean the ear canal. But never thought it would have such consequences.

The guy’s doctor said the seizures may be caused by< strong>Toxicity from infectionor stress to the brain.

Thanks for the timely treatment, otherwise the consequences would be disastrous!

Actually, compared to ear spoons and other things, using cotton swabs to clean ears seems safe, but The effect may be counterproductive.

The cotton swab will push the earwax deep into the ear,Push where you can no longer dig.

, viruses, etc. accumulate in the external auditory canal, resulting in pain and infection.

For example, Mr. Zhang from Zhuzhou has had earaches for half a year and can hardly hear outside sounds.

p span>At the hospital, the doctor found that there was a dark mass in his ear canala dark massforeign body strong>, already plugged ear canal. img>

that’s it! 3.5cm long“earwax” .

According to CNN, about more than 34 children in the United States every day, 12,500 children and teens under the age of 18 are admitted to the hospital every yearfor injuries caused bycleaning their ears with cotton swabs .

in children attending >40% felt that there was a foreign body in the ear, 35% had ear bleeding, and 17% had ear pain. Diagnosed by a doctor, 25% of children have ruptured periosteum, medically known as a perforated tympanic membrane; about 23% have soft tissue injuries.

It’s all about cleaning ears with cotton swabs at home!


Frequent ear picking or even carcinogenic!

In fact, what we often call earwax is Earwax, it’s not dirty,just a substance secreted from the ear. Its existence is necessary and has the function of antibacterial protection of the ear canal.If it is cleaned up, it will Deal damage.

Under normal circumstances, earwax is automatically expelled with jaw movement when you talk, eat, or yawn.

very sensitive and fragile ears >A little careless digging,may lead to hearing loss, ear infections, and even permanent damage .

Although papilloma is a benign tumor,it is easy to recur after surgical resection, and multiple recurrences are very likely< span>Transform to malignant tumor.

because our external ear canal is thinner, If you repeatedly dig it with a hard object, may damage the skin of the external auditory canal and destroy the barrier of the external auditory canal, which may cause harmful bacteria to grow inside.Causes inflammation of the external auditory canal.

When the ear is broken, the external auditory canal is constantly being repaired.In the process of repeated destruction and repair, some cells may undergo a series of malignant changes.

There were media reports that a Wuhan mother-in-law always felt itchy ears, a day I can’t stand it if I don’t dig it.30 years of frequent ear plucking will result in cancerous changes, span>Squamous cell carcinoma of the external auditory canal.

The doctor removed the entire external auditory canal for the patient , the hearing of the affected ear after surgeryprobably lost, and requires radiotherapy in the later stage.< /span>


Then how do we correctly What about “ear picking”?

Since cotton swabs cannot be used , then how do we “pick the ears” correctly?

Here are the top three to teach you a few methods.< /span>

1, First of all, you can drop A few drops of white vinegar heated to body temperature, a mixture of rubbing alcohol and white water, and selfrinse with a syringe. span>

2.Second, sometimes, dry skin in your ear canal can lead to If additional wax builds up in the ear canal, a drop of mineral oil can be applied to the ear to help moisturise the ear. It’s like applying lotion to the skin of your body.

/p>4、If you are born with a lot of earwax, or if the earwax blocks the ear canal, you can go to the hospital deal with.

The otolaryngologist will use the Professional tool to remove earwax.

Parents should take him to a regular hospital for treatment:

A baby who can’t speak may have these symptoms:

  • Pulling or rubbing ears all the time, acting in pain or crying.

  • No response to soft sounds.

  • An unusual amount of earwax falls out of the ear.

Older children may express discomfort in their ears:

  • Feeling blocked Blocked, no way.

  • Ear pain, tinnitus, etc.

  • Sudden inability to hear in one or both ears, and then resume after a while; the cycle repeats.

  • Difficulty concentrating in school, requiring repeated calls or louder to hear.

If a cerumen embolism is diagnosed, The otolaryngologist will come up with professional tools to help the baby clean up the earwax.

Of course, if the earwax is dry and condensed into hard lumps, the doctor will generally not overpower it. The bow will be very painful to take out immediately~

In most cases, the doctor will prescribe liquid paraffin or cerumen water (containing 5% sodium bicarbonate) , glycerin, water), let the adult drop the baby for about three days to dissolve and soften the earwax.

It will be easier to deal with after going to the hospital.

Some parents may ask: If the child has earwax, it is impossible to go to the hospital every time. Is it okay to give the child a penny every now and then?

As I said before, earwax will fall off naturally, and most of the time there is no need to remove it. If you have to dig, pay attention to these situations:

Correct ear plucking posture

What is it?

Don’t use cotton swabs to clean ears

Cotton swabs can easily push earwax deep into the ear canal , forming earwax accumulation. It can also cause damage to the ear, such as puncturing the eardrum.

Appropriately control the frequency of ear picking. Don’t pick your ears too often.

To help your baby clean the ears, just gently scrub the outer ear with a damp towel. Don’t go too deep.

Do not share Ear scoops

Some families use ear scoops for public use. After the father picks up the mother, the mother picks up the baby. Sometimes The ear scoop is also included with the nail clipper.

If you have athlete’s foot, just used nail clippers…

< p>When the ear scoop, which is full of colors and fragrances, is inserted into the child’s ear, it is likely to bring bacteria or fungi (such as athlete’s foot) into the ear canal, causing infection and eventually inflammation.

When swimming, be careful not to get water into your ears

Ears should be protected when swimming. Especially for people who have had inflammation of the ear:

  • should avoid unclean

  • Wear earplugs when swimming;

  • If the ear gets into the water when swimming, you should tilt your head to the side of the water after landing, pull the ear back and upward, tap the ear above the ear with the other hand or jump with one foot;

    < /li>

  • After the water comes out, if there is water in the nasal cavity, you can plug one nostril with your hand and breathe through the other nostril to let the water flow out. Avoid blowing your nose hard to prevent water from flowing into the middle. Ear.

  • After swimming, use the cool setting of your hair dryer to gently dry your ears.

If there is any abnormality, see a doctor in time

If there is discomfort in the ear, do not use home remedies. Infections may be exacerbated by ear drops with alcohol and vinegar. If the itching is unbearable, it may be eczema of the external auditory canal, etc., you should go to the hospital for diagnosis in time. Usually, try not to go to the barber shop, foot massage shop or the kind of stall on the street to pick your ears, which is easy to cause problems. (The top three faxes include 7news, 9news Health Times, CCTV News, Shenzhen Children’s Hospital, etc.)

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