Rumor: Elevated blood lipids are caused by eating too much meat? This is the truth of elevated cholesterol and triglycerides!

Many people believe that the reason for the increase in blood lipids is that eating too much meat, the result is not Young friends simply stop eating meat, but blood lipids are still high, why is this?

I. There are two types of blood lipids

< span>Blood lipids are actuallynotnot an indicator, but can be subdivided into 4 indicators, even 7 small indicators. We usually say that the blood lipids are four items of blood lipids, and there are four indicators: triglycerides, Total cholesterol, LDL cholesterol, HDL cholesterol.

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simply say, totalcholesterol; triglyceride belongs to another category.


span>Total cholesterol, low densitylipoprotein, and triglyceride increase, which will increase vascular waste, aggravate atherosclerosis, cause cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, they belong to bad Blood lipids, low values ​​are good.

while high densitylipoproteins can span>Reduce vascular waste, alleviate atherosclerosis, prevent and control cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. So high-density lipoprotein belongs togoodblood lipids. Within a certain range, the high value is good.

There are two main reasons for the increase of bad blood lipids, one is self-metabolic abnormality, and the other is our unhealthy diet, but cholesterol and Triglycerides The causes of these two types of elevated blood lipids are different.

Second, the reason for the increase of triglycerides

triglyceridesthe main reason for the increase is unhealthy diet span>, when eating large amounts of fat, especially animal fat foods, the level of triglycerides in the body is significantly increased; when Intake of too many carbohydratescompounds, especiallyrefined grainsinto Once in the body, it will causeblood sugar to rise and more triglycerides to be synthesized.


So,It is not accurate to say that eating meat raises triglycerides.

Also,smoking, alcoholism, stress or anxiety, genetics, diabetes, obesity, Kidney disease, liver disease, etc., may cause elevated triglycerides.

Three, the reasons for the increase in cholesterol

Cholesterol, we < span>What is most concerned about is low densitylipoprotein, because when low density lipoprotein increases, it will significantly Increase vascular waste, aggravate atherosclerosis, and aggravate cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.

causes of elevated LDL cholesterolmaincause There are also two, one is diet and the other is genetics.

Someone will definitely Q, why do most people with elevated cholesterol or elevated low-density lipoprotein control diet, strengthenexerciseAfter, cholesterol or low-density lipoproteinor high?

This is because of elevated LDL25% of the reasons are caused by diet, in addition, 75% of the increase in low-density lipoprotein is caused by liver metabolism and synthesis, This is why a healthy diet can also lead to high cholesterol, and lean people can also have elevated cholesterol.

for cholesterol, a blood lipid that increases , in addition to our maintaining a healthy lifestyle, continue to exercise, in When necessary, only follow the doctor’s advice to reduce lipids Medicationcan reduce blood lipids to normal levels.

In short, the increase in blood lipids is caused by eating too much meat and Inaccurate, at least eating fish will not increase blood lipids, but also help control blood lipids; moreover, even if fried, dessert, steamed bread and rice noodles are not meat, eating too much will increase blood lipids; finally, for cholesterol, even if you eat a healthy diet, it may be Increased blood lipids due to genetic factors.

Therefore, only by understanding the different causes of elevated blood lipids, can we accurately lower blood lipids and reduce the risk of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases! Welcome to forward and share this article with friends with dyslipidemia~

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