The more men shave, the shorter their lifespan? Reminder: It is best not to scratch during these 3 times

A male beard is a sign of maturity. Generally, a beard gradually grows on the lips around the age of 14 to 15. Its growth rate and thickness are affected by genetics, androgen and life factors. Some men like to grow a beard to leave a mature and stable impression on others and enhance their own charm; some men especially like to be fresh and shave as soon as the beard grows, usually once every 1 to 2 weeks.

There is an article circulating on the Internet that the frequency of shaving can affect the life expectancy of men. The article, what is the relationship between the two, does it really affect male life expectancy?

Does shaving frequency affect men’s longevity?

The argument that the frequency of shaving can affect the life of men is: too many shaves can stab the hair follicles, which are connected to blood vessels, making the hair follicles embedded in the skin, which can be induced by a little carelessness. Infection, damages the body’s health.

Although it sounds reasonable, it is not very scientific. Male life expectancy has nothing to do with shaving frequency. So far, the factors that affect the life expectancy of men are not very clear. It is generally believed that it is related to heredity, living habits, location, etc., and has nothing to do with the frequency of shaving, so rumors should not be believed.

When are you not allowed to shave?

1. Before exercise

Many men go out to exercise after shaving their beards, although they look energetic Be fresh, but shaving before exercising is not recommended. Men have a fast metabolism, and shaving before exercising can stimulate the growth of hair follicles. In addition, when shaving, there will be wounds that are invisible to the naked eye. Sweat can irritate the wounds, resulting in local tingling and redness. In severe cases, folliculitis can be induced.

2. During bathing

Irritated by hot water, pores and capillaries The blood vessels dilate, which temporarily relaxes tense muscles, and also softens the beard, which is relatively convenient for shaving. However, try not to shave during the bath, so as to prevent microorganisms in the water from invading the hair follicles, causing hair follicle infection and leading to folliculitis.

3. When getting up in the morning

After a good night’s sleep, various organs get Grooming, which also includes reproductive organs, has a strong secretion of hormones, especially male hormones, so the beard grows faster in the morning. If you shave after waking up in the morning, you may be able to see new growth the next day. The time to shave should be about 30 to 60 minutes after getting up. During this time, the secretion of male hormones is stable and the hair growth rate is slow, which is a good time to shave.

How to shave properly?

Step 1, wash your face with men’s facial cleanser or soap to remove foam and dust thoroughly to avoid skin infection;

Step 2 , apply a cream to soften the beard, or apply a hot compress to the beard to soften the beard;

Step 3, wait for 5 to 10 minutes and then apply shaving cream to reduce shaving The irritation to the skin when bearding;

Step 4, gently pull the skin, so that the shaver can move freely on the skin, reduce running resistance, avoid Scratches the skin.

It is worth noting that when you shave, you must shave in the direction of the beard growth, up-down-left-right.

Message from the doctor

Repudiation, the frequency of male shaving Has nothing to do with lifespan. If you want to prolong your life and ensure a healthy life, you need to pay attention to the small details of life, especially diet, rest and sleep, exercise and mentality. In addition, starting from the age of 25, do a comprehensive physical examination every year, and do targeted cancer screening after the age of 50 to protect your own health.

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