The occurrence of liver cancer may be related to these 4 factors, and these 3 kinds of food may be able to prevent

Liver cancer is a common malignant tumor. It usually has no obvious symptoms in the early stage, or some atypical symptoms, such as abdominal pain, diarrhea, nausea, vomiting and other gastrointestinal discomfort symptoms.

When the pain in the liver area or the symptoms are more obvious, most of the disease has entered the middle and late stage, which brings great difficulties to the patients’ treatment and seriously endangers their health.

So what factors are related to the occurrence of liver cancer?

1. Viral infection

A common cause of liver cancer is viral hepatitis. Among viral hepatitis, hepatitis C virus and hepatitis B virus infection are common risk factors for liver cancer, especially chronic HBV infection.

About 90% of liver cancer patients in China have a history of HBV infection. Chronic hepatitis caused by HBV infection leads to the gradual development of liver cirrhosis and eventually liver cancer. happened.

2. Aflatoxin

After A large number of experiments have shown that Aspergillus flavus, Aspergillus versicolor and Penicillium can all cause liver cancer. Among them, Aspergillus flavus is the most important animal. Studies have found that aflatoxin B1 is an ultra-high A highly toxic substance, its carcinogenicity is 900 times greater than that of cream, and it can cause liver cancer in all animals;

It is also a major cause of liver cancer, and after a lot of Scientific experiments have proved that if you often use food containing aflatoxin or other toxins in your life, it can lead to liver cancer, and aflatoxin is commonly found in moldy food, and mildew-prone food has < strong>Corn, soybean, peanut, wheat, etc.

3. Often stay up late

In contemporary In society, many people have the habit of staying up late. Whether it is because of work or entertainment, most people have regarded staying up late as a daily routine, but they don’t know that staying up late will intensify the body. The liver blood is consumed in a large amount. If the liver does not get enough rest, it will be seriously damaged and cause liver cancer.

4. Often angry

in life Among them, some people are often seen frequently lose their temper because of some small things, or have a particularly grumpy temper, then such people are prone to stagnation of liver qi, resulting in vigorous anger, Then, to a certain extent, the operation of liver function will be affected, which will lead to liver disease and eventually lead to lesions.

In fact, there are some foods in life that are the nemesis of liver cancer, you can eat more in your life One point, there are certain benefits for the prevention of liver cancer. So what foods are there?

1. Chrysanthemum

The plan contains a lot of vitamins and amino acids, which are necessary for the human body At the same time, when these substances enter the human body, they can also help the liver to repair itself and regenerate liver cells, so drinking chrysanthemum tea properly before going to bed has certain benefits for the liver. benefit.

2. Lettuce

Lettuce is a relatively common vegetable, which is not only cheap, but also rich in nutritional value. Lettuce contains a lettucepicrin, which can decompose carcinogens in food, thereby effectively inhibiting the production of cancer cells, so eating more lettuce in life can effectively prevent Occurrence of liver cancer and gastric cancer.

3. Tomatoes

Tomatoes are known as cancer killers, because in tomatoes Contains a large amount of lycopene, which is a natural substance with the strongest antioxidant capacity found so far, which can be used to prevent cardiovascular disease and improve the body’s immune capacity to prevent the occurrence of cancer.

In summary, the occurrence of liver cancer, regular diet, virus infection, anger, staying up late, etc. Therefore, if you want to successfully avoid the occurrence of infection, you must avoid these bad habits and eat more foods that prevent the occurrence of liver cancer, such as tomatoes, lettuce, chrysanthemum, etc.

In addition, participate in more physical exercise in life, because exercise can make people feel more happy, and can also promote the blood circulation of the human body, so that the toxins in the body can be released as soon as possible of discharge.

In addition, regular physical examinations should be carried out according to their own conditions, especially for people who drink and smoke for a long time, you can a regular hospital every six months to do a lung CT examination .