How to choose a mat that you don’t even remember when you fall asleep? Tip: Advise you to remember these 3 actions

Once the summer heat is over, “Baking Mode” has been launched in many parts of the country.

Faced with the rising temperature, the mat, as an artifact to cool off the heat, naturally made its debut.

In the hot summer, sleeping on the mat can also cool down a bit, allowing you to sleep peacefully in the hot summer.

However, this seemingly simple mat is actually very knowledgeable when choosing it.

Buy a mat, remember these 3 actions

1. Touch

The texture is very important, you need to feel it when you get started, to see if the surface of the mat is smooth, whether there are burrs, and whether the material is soft, this is also a judgment The most basic standard for a mat.

Especially, the child’s skin is relatively delicate. If there are burrs on the mat, it may be easily scratched.

2. Take a look

When buying a mat, buy one that can directly touch the skin.

Because there are many types of mats, some can be directly contacted with the skin, and some cannot be directly contacted with the skin, so you should buy them according to your own needs. When you buy it, check to see if it is smooth and if there is any odor.

At the same time, pay attention to whether there are spots, worm holes, mold and other traces on the mat, and whether the color is uniform.

3. Smell it

Choose a high-quality mat that is smooth and has no peculiar smell. There may be some harmful substances in the mat, and you don’t need to consider it, just skip it.

Which material is the most suitable for choosing a mat?

Actually, there is no such thing as the most suitable mat, only the most suitable person goes to sleep on the mat.

There are many kinds of mats on the market. These mats have their own advantages and disadvantages. When choosing, you need to choose the most suitable one according to your actual situation.

For example, straw mats are the most affordable and widely used, but they need to be kept clean to avoid problems such as breeding of bacteria and bugs.

For example, vine mats are more environmentally friendly, but the styles are simple. Because the natural rattan branches have a short service life and are easy to break, once damaged, the skin will be damaged.

For example, bamboo mats, the cooling degree of bamboo mats is the lowest, especially in the air-conditioned room. Due to the poor thermoregulation ability of children, excessive bamboo mats may make children feel to discomfort.

For example, Ice silk mats are not only delicate and smooth to the touch, but also easy to store. However, because these mats are made of man-made fibers, their air permeability and hygroscopicity are not the same. So good, you can’t simply wipe it when cleaning, you need to clean the whole seat.

What details should I pay attention to if I want to sleep on the mat?

First, people with sensitive skin should not sleep on mats

If the temperature is too high in summer, it is easy to breed bacteria, and we have a lot of them every day If you sweat on the floor and sleep directly on the mat, the sweat will stick to the mat, which will easily nourish bacteria and mites.

If these mites get on the skin, the nutrition of the skin will be absorbed by the mites, making the skin greasy.

For some people with sensitive skin, if there are too many mites, the skin may experience itching, rash, tingling, etc. Therefore, it is not recommended for people with sensitive skin to use the mat.

Second, regular cleaning

If you use a mat, be sure to clean the mat regularly.

Before use, it must be cleaned first, and washed with boiling water, and then exposed to the sun to sterilize and disinfect. After use, cleaning, disinfection and mites should be carried out about a week, and it cannot be left unwashed for a long time.

Third, the moldy mat can’t sleep

< p>We must pay attention when sleeping on the mat, do not continue to sleep on the moldy mat.

There is a lot of mildew on the mat, and no matter how much you clean it, it may not be able to be cleaned. The human body sleeps on such a mat, and you should be more careful about bacterial infection.

Fourth, choose a good quality mat.

Don’t choose a bad mat, if you choose a bad mat, there will be a lot of thorns on it. When the human body sleeps on it, it may not have been hurt by the mites, but it has already been stinged, and the skin will be damaged as a result.

And some poor quality mats are likely to have excessive formaldehyde, which will directly affect the health of the body. If the baby has slept, be careful, there may be sepsis, which will cause great harm to the body.