What is the difference between the men whose nose hairs “snap out”? What does thick nose hair mean?

The most embarrassing thing in life is not that you are seen picking your nose, but that when you talk to someone, the other person says “Hey! Brother, your nose hair is really long , they all came out.”

Nose hair “running out” is a sign of not being clean in many people’s cognition, especially for some male compatriots In other words, the exuberant nose hair is also a problem.

Xiao Gu is 28 years old this year, very ambitious, The job is also good, and they say they will start a family and start a business. Their parents saw that Xiao Gu was doing well in his career, so they arranged a blind date for Xiao Gu, hoping to have a grandson next year.

Little Gu, who has never been on a blind date, is also a little nervous. Lively clothes. When I went back to my hometown for a blind date, I saw Xiao Gu, who was a handsome blind date partner, and I fell in love with him at first glance, thinking to myself, “The matchmaker is really reliable!”

The matchmaker asked them to go Chatting outside, the process of chatting is also relaxed and happy, Xiao Gu thinks he is also lucky, the first blind date went so smoothly, and before leaving, Xiao Gu also smoothly asked for the girl’s contact information.

Xiao Gu, who had just arrived home after the blind date, received a message from the girl. He thought it was asking if he was home, but the girl sent it It’s “I’m sorry, I want to remind you to trim your nose hair, it’s already popping out”.

Xiao Gu hurriedly went to look in the mirror, and sure enough, one nostril obviously had nose hair growing out, so Xiao Gu instantly His face was flushed, and later when Xiao Gu wanted to ask the girl out for dinner, she politely refused, and Xiao Gu put all the blame on his nose hair.

Excessively long nose hair will indeed affect a person’s image, making him appear to be very disorganized and not clean. Then why are some men’s nose hairs very strong? What does it mean? What are the ways to deal with it? This article can solve your doubts and troubles.

Man with lush nose hair” What does it mean to come out?

With a man’s bodyExuberant male hormone secretion Related, androgens not only increase the charm of men, but also affect the growth of hair, and heredity, if the body of the parents Exuberant body hair will also affect the growth of body hair in later generations.

In addition, when picking boogersThe fingernails scratch the nasal mucosa,Nose hair will grow quickly to protect the injured area. Nostril picking will also promote blood circulation in the nasal cavity, so that the nasal cavity can have sufficient blood for the growth of nasal hair.

So, it is normal for others to say that you don’t like to clean your nose hairs. After all, picking your nose with your fingers is really inelegant. unhygienic.

But nose hair is also a protective barrier for the body’s respiratory tract, which can block and filter dust and bacteria in the air during breathing. When the weather is dry and cold, the nose hair can protect the nasal cavity from the cold, keep the nasal mucosa moist, and help the nasal cavity to adhere to dust and germs. It can also protect the olfactory nerve and help the sense of smell to transmit the signal of smell to the brain.

So even if the nose hairs are strong and have already rushed to the bottom of the feet,Don’t get rid of the nose hairs in a fit of anger If you clean it up completely, not only will the consequences be serious, but the nose hair will continue to grow wildly, because your body has a gene for strong nose hair.

To prevent nose hair from “snaking” out, daily Regular maintenance is important

If you find long nose hair, you can useprofessional sterilized nose hair trimming scissors< span> Trim it shorter, don’t use a knife that you can’t handle well, it’s not worthwhile to damage the nasal mucosa. Don’t have a bad temper and trim the nose hair to the root. What is the difference between having no nose hair?Just don’t let the nose hair come out, at worst, trim it more frequently. ButWhen you have a cold or a wound in the nasal cavityDon’t trim your nose hair casually, the body’s immunity is low It is also prone to respiratory tract infections.

Don’t pull out your nose hair randomly, it’s very dangerous!

If you see nose hair protruding outside, don’t pull it out with your hands in a fit of anger, it will make you uncomfortable and your nose will suffer too. Because this behavior may damage the nerves in the nasal cavity, causing unnecessary infection.

And there are a lot of veins near the nasal cavity If you inadvertently pull out your nose hair, you may cause germs to flow back into your head through the veins, which will increaseintracranial cavernous sinus thrombophlebitis Risks.

Of course, there are not only nasal hairs, but also boogers in the nasal cavity. Some people don’t have boogers for several months, but some people almost Every one or two days, I would feel booger in my nose, and then I couldn’t help but use my hands to buckle it.

There is too much booger in the nose, what is it related to ?

The nose is one of the respiratory passages. When air is inhaled into the body, the nasal cavity will adhere to dust and germs with the help of nasal hair and nasal mucus In the nasal cavity, when the mucus dries, it turns into booger.

This is why the nose keeps flowing when you catch a cold, it is because it prevents the germs in the air from entering the weak body and harming the body respiratory system.

SoHaving booger is still a good thing, this shows that your nasal “purification” function is powerful. If there is too much booger, then it depends on whether your living environmentpoor air quality and dry climatepromote nasal mucus secretion Protecting the nasal cavity, as well as various rhinitis leading to increased secretions and sinusitis caused by scabbing of inflammatory secretions. You can go to the hospital for an ENT examination.

If you have a lot of booger, don’t just stretch out your index finger and buckle it. This will easily bring the germs in your hand into the nasal cavity and cause infection Nasal cavity, causing rhinitis. You can use a cotton swab dipped in a little water to soak the booger first, and then take it out with a clean cotton swab, especially the baby’s nasal mucosa is fragile, it must be Don’t force it.

To sum up, the nose hair is too long not because of embarrassment Feel free to pull it out to prevent infection in the nasal cavity. Too much booger is a good thing, or it may be a bad thing. Don’t just buckle it in a rude and blunt manner. It is better to deal with it professionally.