The “longevity” food in the eyes of a 92-year-old man is actually these 5 ingredients. Netizens: It’s really inconspicuous

Grandma Li is 92 years old. Every evening, she can see the old lady walking around the community with a cane, talking and laughing with her neighbors, and she is in excellent spirits. Occasionally sitting and chatting, and forgetting the crutches when standing up and walking, neighbors often joked, “How can you use crutches with your legs?” Grandma Li looked aggrieved, “If you don’t carry them out, the children are worried!”

Although she is 90 years old, Grandma Li is neither blind nor deaf, and walks with light legs and feet. You can also shoot short videos with your grandson. Everyone is curious about Grandma Li’s longevity “secrets”. It turns out that she doesn’t like big fish and meat, but actually likes to eat these 5 kinds of food. After seeing it, netizens shouted: This is too inconspicuous!

1. Hawthorn

Grandma Li carries hawthorn snacks in her pocket all the year round. The red hawthorn has the reputation of “longevity fruit”. It is not only rich in Dietary nutrition, but also digestion and appetizing. For the elderly, the digestive ability will inevitably decline, and hawthorn can promote the absorption of nutrients, and the body will naturally become stronger.

If your teeth can’t eat too sour food, you might as well choose Qidufang Hawthorn Pill Hawthorn snacks, which are made from fresh hawthorn. Instead of adding white sugar, ingredients such as yam, red dates and honey are used to weaken the sour taste of hawthorn and make the taste of hawthorn pills milder.

From the selection of ingredients, it can be seen that Qidu Fang Hawthorn Pills except In addition to digestion and greasy relief, the nutrition is more comprehensive and the taste is very refreshing. It tastes firm and soft, with a moderate sweetness and sourness. It is usually used as a snack. It is nutritious and relieves greasiness, reducing the burden of digestion on the body.

2. White radish

We all know that ginseng is a good product for nourishing the body, but it is expensive. And it also has a “pin substitute”, which is a white radish called “little ginseng”. It also has the reputation of “the first dish of longevity”. In addition to its own nutrition, it also helps the absorption of calcium. Rich dietary fiber can avoid common problems such as constipation in the elderly, and has many benefits to the body.


There are many ways to eat white radish, and the elderly can change the cooking method according to different seasons. For example, it can be stir-fried and served cold in summer. In mid-winter, it is best to put white radish and beef or mutton together in soup. It tastes delicious, refreshing and relieves greasiness.

3. Dandelion

Grandma Li’s water cup does not contain goji berries and tea leaves, and there are dandelions all year round. It is the stems and leaves of yellow wildflowers that are common on the roadside. It is also called “natural antiseptic food” and escorts the normal functioning of the body. It can be seen that although the taste of dandelion is slightly bitter, its edible value is very high.

If you can’t accept the bitter taste of dandelion, try Sanchuan Guifang Green Cake, it is based on Dandelion and mung beans are the main ingredients. Extra tangerine peel and raisins are added to increase the sweet and sour taste, and the soft pastry is made by low-temperature baking. The taste is sweet and easy to be accepted by everyone.

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Sanchuan Guifang Green Cake It is packaged in separate bags to better retain the moisture in the pastry. It tastes moist and soft, and the taste of plants is fresh and elegant. It is delicious and not sticky, and middle-aged and elderly people with bad teeth can eat it without stress.

4. Garlic

When it comes to garlic, we often think that it is just a seasoning. For Grandma Li, it is an “artifact for dinner”. She often said that “if you don’t eat garlic, the fragrance will be reduced by half.” The special taste of garlic and the nutrients contained in it can accelerate the excretion of accumulated metabolic waste in the body, which is comparable to the “scavenger” of the body.

People who eat garlic for a long time will have more energy and physical strength. No wonder Grandma Li is so energetic. But here I want to remind everyone that garlic is a heavy-tasting food, and not everyone is suitable for it. People with strong bodies eat garlic because “the strong will be strong”. But if the stomach is weak, then take care of your body first and try to eat less irritating food like this.

5. Black beans

Soy products are a “good partner” for longevity. Japan, as a longevity country, is also closely related to their like to eat soy products. Among the many bean categories, Grandma Li has a soft spot for black beans. Old people often say that “eating a bunch of tonics is worse than eating a handful of black beans.” Black beans contain a variety of nutrients necessary for the human body, and the content is very high. It is an excellent food for strengthening the body.

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Beans are hard and easy to bloat. Middle-aged and elderly people can choose Seven degrees square five black cake. In addition to black beans, there are also ingredients such as black sesame and black rice, which are fully blended to stimulate each other’s nutrition, making the pastry delicious and comprehensive in nutrition.

When making, Qidu Fang Wuhei Cake adopts the ancient technique of repeated steaming , to preserve the original taste of food. Combined with micron-level grinding technology, the pastry powder is fine enough. It tastes soft and smooth, and is more suitable for middle-aged and elderly people as a daily nutritional supplement

Summary: It is a great blessing in life to have a high-quality and long life. Grandma Li often said that the most important thing to live a long life is to eat three meals a day. In addition, you must maintain a good mood, don’t take anything to heart, smile, ten years less.