Experts remind: Drinking in winter should be cautious, the difference between beer and liquor is not a little bit, it is recommended to understand

Winter is approaching, so that wine has also entered every household. After all, if you can drink a glass of warm wine in the cold winter, it can not only relax your body and mind, but also help you warm up, so that you are not afraid of the cold in winter.

As everyone who loves drinking knows, drinks are divided into different types such as beer, liquor, and red wine according to their characteristics , Nowadays, various drinks such as many fruit wines and alcoholic beverages have been derived.

Different drinks are suitable for different seasons and occasions. Take beer and liquor, which are the most popular and best-selling, for example, the difference between these two kinds of alcoholic beverages is very big, and not all of them are suitable for drinking in winter.

First of all, drinking tea in cold winter should be mainly warm wine and hot drinks, and white wine is the most suitable drink in winter . It belongs to the wine fermented from grain. It is warm in nature, and the taste after boiling is mainly soft and lubricating, with a sweet aroma. Not spicy or irritating. Drinking such a glass of wine can warm the whole body on a cold winter day.

Beer is made from malt and hops are added for liquid fermentation. Its unique production process makes the taste colder and gives people a refreshing feeling after drinking, so beer is relatively more suitable for drinking in summer.

It is worth mentioning that alcohol is irritating to the human body, and winter is the season of weakness. Drinking beer will have some bad effects on our body.

Of course not all liquor is suitable for drinking in winter. In the liquor industry, liquor is also divided into different types according to its aroma type.

Maotai-flavored liquor is brewed by Daqu Kunsha technology, which is less irritating to the human body and can be drunk all year round. Moreover, it is brewed purely from grains, without adding any extra ingredients, so it tastes good and has no burden on the body at the same time!

At the same time, the unique production process of Maotai-flavored Baijiu determines its unique style.

I believe that after seeing this, everyone will understand which wine is more suitable for drinking in winter. Many “old alcoholic” friends around me are loyal fans of Maotai-flavored wine no matter in season, summer, autumn or winter, especially this Manshang wine, which often appears on the dining table at home.

This is an authentic sauce-flavored liquor, and its origin is located in China’s “hometown of liquor” – Maotai Town, Guizhou . The superior geographical location also creates the unique and extreme sauce-flavored flavor of Manshang Liquor.

And its winemaking base is across the river from Maotai Distillery. The famous Meijiu River flows down the distillery. The body is more pure and mellow, and it tastes silky, smooth and not spicy.

At the same time, Manshang Wine is also very cautious in the selection of raw materials. Special grains for wine) are brewed with high-quality wheat, a specialty of Henan. After a reasonable ratio of these two simple ingredients, it not only has the burnt aroma of grains, but also has a strong aroma of sauce wine, which is delicious. In addition, there is no other unnecessary adulteration in Manshang wine, just to let you taste the deliciousness of pure grain brewing!

As we all know, the production process of Maotai-flavor liquor is very complicated, and the same is true for Manshang liquor. It is made by following the “12987” brewing principle and Daqu Kunsha technology. The unique brewing process also makes Manshang wine taste more intense and pure.

Moreover, it uses ancient cellars and ponds to extract the essence of every drop of ingredients through the fermentation method of Xiaokou cellars. Although the wine yield is less than 20%, it guarantees the mellow and mellow body of the wine to the greatest extent.

On this basis, Manshang Wine has also been cellared for a period of 5 years to completely evaporate the impurities in the wine body. Only the strong sauce flavor is retained, and the unique sauce flavor that only belongs to Manshang wine is precipitated with the power of time.

You can smell the strong aroma of wine as soon as you open the lid. Take a sip, you can not only taste the aroma from the cellar, but also drink the ultimate sauce aroma, and the faint grain burnt aroma It also lingers in the mouth, and when you drink it into your throat, it is soft, slippery, cottony, smooth, and the sense of layering is very rich. It is delicious!

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