“Longevity element” was found, reminding middle-aged and elderly people: eat 3 things often, not old at 90 years old, run around at 100 years old

As the saying goes, “An old family is like a treasure.” As a child, I feel that the happiest thing in the world is that the family is healthy, can live a long life, and watch the prosperity of the world with myself.

Everyone hopes to see the nearly hundred-year-olds still alive and kicking. As long as the elders are in good health and minor illnesses and disasters stay away from them, the children can rest assured.

In other words, the most indispensable thing for the human body is nutritional elements, which are usually related to the human body Healthy nutrients are obtained from the daily diet.

Therefore, if you want to be healthy and live a long life, “eating” is also the top priority.

When people pass middle age, no one can suffer themselves. Don’t be reluctant to eat, It is recommended that middle-aged and elderly people eat more of this 3 ways to supplement the body with enough nutrients so that you can spend every day in a healthy and healthy way.

“Longevity element” was found, suggesting old age People eat 3 kinds of food more, “90 years old is not old, a hundred years old runs around”

First: purple onion

Onions are rich in selenium, which is a must-eat dish for many long-lived elderly. If the human body lacks selenium, the human body is prone to cancer, mental retardation, cardiovascular disease, etc.

So if you want to live a long and healthy life, middle-aged and elderly people can eat more foods rich in selenium.

Recommended recipe: [Scrambled eggs with onions]

Prepare ingredients: onions, eggs, peppers, cooking wine, salt.

1: Cut the washed onion into shreds.

2: Beat two more eggs and stir to form egg liquid. When the pot is hot, pour in cooking oil, pour in the egg liquid and stir fry, then make egg drop Get up and use it.

3: Pour base oil into the pot, add a little sliced ​​ginger and chili shreds to the oil and sauté until fragrant. With chili peppers can increase the color of the dish, pour in onions and stir fry ten Come down, then add salt, chicken essence and stir fry a few more times.

4: Then cover the lid and suffocate, the purpose is to remove the spicy taste of the onion. After two minutes, remove the lid and pour the eggs into the stir-fry for a few times.

This dish of scrambled eggs with onions is delicious and juicy. When the elderly eat, if they don’t know what to eat, it’s better to try to fry Make it and eat it with rice, it’s really delicious!

Second: Natto

As we all know, people in small islands eat natto for breakfast every day. Although this kind of thing is sticky and smelly, it is called “longevity vegetable”. However, natto originated in ancient my country and is a healthy food improved from salty soybean meal.

There are a lot of bacteria in natto that are helpful to the body, called “beneficial bacteria”, regular consumption is good for our health very good.
For a normal person, the beneficial bacteria in his cecum account for about 25%, and the neutral bacteria account for 50%.Some bad bacteria; if people who are often constipated, the beneficial bacteria in the body may only be 15%.

Generally speaking, long-lived people have more than 70% beneficial bacteria in their bodies, and their bodies are closer to health, because The more types of beneficial bacteria in the body, the more healthy and balanced the body can be guaranteed.

The easiest way to eat natto is:【Eat directly】

It can better absorb the rich plant protein, vitamins, minerals and plant compounds in natto. Put natto in a bowl, add some soy sauce, chopped green onion, and stir it vigorously until it can be pulled out, then add it with hot rice and eat it, the taste is still very good.

Third: Camel Milk

Camel milk is a very good nutrient drink, which contains many trace elements, more than a dozen amino acids and multivitamins needed by the human body , zinc, calcium, iron, etc., such nutritious camel milk is also called “longevity milk”!

The camel grandmother was originally just a source of nutrition for herdsmen’s families. Like beef and mutton, it is a source of energy and an important part of herdsmen’s life.

However, with the development of technology, such precious dairy products can now be drunk everywhere.


It’s like “Year Camel”, it It is a local camel milk brand in Xinjiang. It is known as the breakfast milk on the table of every household with its own strength. It is drunk in a cup every morning to supplement various nutrients. It also contains calcium that is easy to absorb.This >It is very beneficial to the bones and joints of the elderly and promotes strong bones.

In addition, “Years You Camel” also added probiotics, folic acid and taurine, which not only promote intestinal Taurine is an effective nutrient for improving human immunity. Drinking camel milk every day will make your family healthier.

The way to drink camel milk is also very Simple, first scoop a few spoonfuls of camel milk powder into a cup, pour in an appropriate amount of warm water, and start stirring until the powder is completely melted, then you can drink it.

Insist on drinking in the morning to replenish energy and nourish the stomach, drinking in the evening can also help calm the mind, which is very good for the sleep of the elderly There are benefits.

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