The little secret of the tea master, make your tea taste better

Why is the tea made by the tea art teacher always so delicious, and I made it myself Does it feel far away?

This is because tea artisans have undergone professional training and long-term practice. Familiar tea, I can’t understand it any more, and the brewed tea must be delicious.

However, tea artisans also have some small secrets, and the tea soup brewed by ordinary people can be comparable to Oh tea master.

01. No scale How to determine how much tea to put?

I don’t have an electronic scale, so I can’t weigh tea, what should I do? It doesn’t matter, as long as you follow the shape of the tea leaves and the volume of the teapot, you can roughly determine how much tea to put in!

Green tea: flat green tea, bamboo leaf green, etc., about the amount that covers the bottom of the pot with a thin layer That’s about it. Maofeng, Guapian and other slightly fluffy green teas account for about 1/5 of the volume of the pot.

Black tea: Similar to Qihong and Jinjunmei, which are tighter and thinner, the volume of the pot is 1/5 The amount of tea is about the same. For black tea with thicker strands such as Dianhong, the volume is about 1/4 of the pot.

Oolong tea: Oolong tea cast The amount of tea is relatively large. If it is in the shape of grains like Tieguanyin, add about a dozen teas. If it is thick strip tea like Dancong and rock tea, add about 1/3~1/2.

Puer tea: about 1/3 of the strip-shaped Puer tea is put in, and the compressed Puer tea It is enough to pry off a piece that covers the bottom of the pot.

White tea: Baihao silver needles take up about 1/3 of the volume of the pot, while white peony, longevity The thicker and older white tea with eyebrow or Gongmei is very fluffy, so you need to add about 1/2 of the amount.

02. Different teas , how to choose tea set?

Different teas have different properties, shapes, colors, and required temperatures. The functions and characteristics of tea sets are also different. As the saying goes, utensils are the father of tea, and only the right utensils can make good tea. Tea masters always have a lot of spare tea sets for different teas.

Green tea: You should choose a glass or glass pot to watch it dance in the water. It is not advisable to choose a purple sand pot. The water temperature required for green tea is low, and a purple sand pot with strong thermal insulation will spoil the green tea.

Black tea: use glass tea set or white porcelain tea set, you can easily observe the soup color and golden circle of black tea.

Oolong tea: If you want to show the high aroma of oolong tea, you can use a porcelain tureen, which is easy to smell and will not absorb the smell; if you want to show the deep flavor of oolong tea, you can choose a purple sand pot, which can stimulate the tea. .And the purple sand has good thermal insulation, and can be poured into the pot to heat up to ensure the brewing temperature.

Puer tea: especially It is an old Pu-erh tea, so it is suitable to use a purple sand pot. The purple sand pot has a unique double-pore structure and good air permeability, which can reduce some of the foreign gases produced during the storage of Pu-erh tea, and the level and flavor of the tea are better.< /span>

White tea: The raw material of white silver needles is very tender, and the brewing temperature should not be too high, so use a large mouthed bowl to make tea to avoid spoiling the tea leaves ; and white peony, longevity eyebrows or tribute eyebrows, there are not many restrictions on the use of tea sets, and old white tea can also be boiled in clay pots.

03. What are the particulars about the method of brewing tea and injecting water?

Common water injection methods include hanging pot high flush, whirling low flush, fixed-point water injection, etc., using these methods When drinking tea, you must first know what the principle of water injection is, why some teas need high brewing, while some teas need low brewing.

High shot, low shot

High shot low Pour is a relative term, which means that when brewing tea is higher than when pouring tea, it is conducive to stimulating the aroma of tea soup, and when pouring tea from the pot, it should be lowered as close as possible to the fair cup to reduce the aroma. This will help to preserve the tea fragrance during the whole tea making process.

● Fragrance depends on Chong, soup depends on Hanging

The meaning of this sentence is that the aroma of tea needs to be impacted. If you want to stimulate the aroma of tea, you should use high temperature and high temperature to let the water and tea leaves Agitated to produce a distinct aroma.

The soup needs to be fine Hanging out, if you want to taste the delicate and layered tea soup, you need to lower the pot, and let the tea leaves slowly soak out with a gentle stream of water along the edge of the pot.

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