After drinking, if there are 6 phenomena in your body, it proves that you are not suitable to continue drinking, and it is recommended to quit drinking early

Introduction: In life, there are many people who drink a glass of wine when they are happy, drink when they are unhappy, drink when they are bored, and drink when they are working or socializing. Under the different scenes, the wine they drink is also different.

Usually people have two evaluations on alcohol, the first evaluation is that drinking is bad and people should not touch it Alcohol, while the other is that drinking in moderation is good for your health.

Many middle-aged and elderly people in life like to brew medicinal wine by themselves, such as ginseng wine and wolfberry wine. Other Chinese medicinal materials believe that drinking such wine can strengthen the body, so is drinking a little wine every day good or bad for your health?


Is drinking a little alcohol every day good or bad for your health?

If a person drinks alcohol every day, but the amount of alcohol is not much, in fact, there will be health problems Risk, because alcohol needs to be metabolized by the liver, and harmful substances will be produced during the metabolization process. Even if the amount of alcohol ingested by the body is small, it still needs to be metabolized by the body.

These harmful substances in the body will accumulate in the body, the liver cells will be damaged, and it is easy to appear over time Many liver diseases, which is also the reason why some people develop fatty liver and alcoholic liver.

In addition, even a small amount of alcohol per day is more harmful than those who drink hard alcohol, because this It is accumulated over time, so for your own health, it is best to drink less alcohol and not eat alcoholic foods to avoid the arrival of many diseases.

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After drinking, if there are 6 symptoms in your body, it proves that you are not suitable to continue drinking, and it is recommended to quit early Alcohol

1. Dizziness and headache< /span>

For people who drink alcohol for a long time, drinking too much alcohol will directly damage the central nervous system, and reduce the constriction of blood vessels in the brain, which can easily induce heart disease. Cerebrovascular diseases, while alcohol contains a lot of ethanol can inhibit the work of brain neurons.

For long-term drinking, dizziness and headaches mean that alcohol has damaged the brain. All organs and tissues in the body that can control everything in the body should obey the command of the brain.

It is necessary to keep the brain functioning normally so that the body can complete physiological activities. If there is a problem with the brain, the consequences can be imagined How serious it is, so stop drinking in time, so as not to cause more serious problems.

2. Alcoholic blush< /p>

When drinking, if you have something on your mind, your face will turn red after drinking a little wine, and you will be drunk at this time. This kind of reaction is in the After drinking a little alcohol, it may be due to the sensitivity of the nervous system that causes this reaction to occur under the stimulation of alcohol. If this happens, you need to stop drinking, and don’t continue to drink for the sake of your own face.

3 , Stomach pain after drinking

If your stomach hurts after drinking, you must Timely abstinence from alcohol drinking itself willDamage to the stomach, long-term drinking can cause stomach pain, and rupture of the gastric mucosa.

The stomach cannot bear the stimulation caused by alcohol, if you continue to drink at this time, it will only damage the stomach Cause more serious damage, and even gastric cancer.

4. Bleeding somewhere in the body< /p>

Long-term drinking will damage the liver. The liver is not only responsible for excretion, but also has weak hematopoietic function and a decrease in the number of platelets, which will affect blood coagulation.

If you find any part of your body bleeding after drinking alcohol, such as gum bleeding or nose bleeding, you must pay attention at this time , it may be because drinking reduces the number of platelets in the body, which affects the body’s blood coagulation function, so you should stop drinking as soon as possible to avoid serious liver damage.

5 , Liver pain

The liver is the largest detoxification organ in the body, and the liver is also a very fragile Since the liver does not have pain-sensing nerves, it is difficult to send a distress signal after damage.

If people who drink alcohol often feel pain in the liver area after drinking, it may be caused by liver damage. Everyone should pay attention, it is best to quit drinking in time, and don’t make fun of your own health.

6. Heart palpitations

Palpitations may be caused by alcohol, which acts on the body’s sympathetic nerves after drinking, causing an increase in heart muscle contraction, which induces an increase in blood pressure and can cause a rapid heartbeat , Patients with rapid heartbeat will experience palpitations. In addition to nerve excitement, alcohol may also increase the excitability of the heart itself, which may cause various types of rapid, arrhythmia in patients.

so alcohol It is an excitatory substance that can increase the excitability of the myocardium and easily induce various tachyarrhythmias, such as atrial fibrillation and supraventricular tachycardia. Patients may experience symptoms of palpitation, fatigue, and dizziness.


What harm does regular drinking do to the body?

1. Oral injury

Alcohol must enter the stomach through the mouth when drinking. If you drink alcohol for a long time, it will cause great damage to the taste buds, and may even lead to taste failure. If a person drinks alcohol regularly, anorexia is common, and people who drink regularly are more likely to develop oral disease and have a higher risk of throat disease than people who don’t drink regularly.

2. Damage to the liver< /p>

Alcohol needs to be metabolized out of the body through the liver after drinking. However, the ability of the human liver to be sober is limited, and proper drinking will not cause damage to the liver.

And if a person drinks a lot of alcohol for a long time and accumulates in the body, it will cause a great burden on the liver, Harm the normal function of the liver, mild cases can lead to alcoholic hepatitis, severe cases can lead to serious liver disease.

3. Yes Stomach Harm

The human gastric mucosa is very fragile. A large amount of alcohol intake will damage the gastric mucosa, causing a series of reactions such as acid reflux and flatulence. If there is a disease in the stomach, the condition will be more serious. Many people drink a lot of alcohol Vomiting occurs, mainly due to excessive drinking, which overloads the stomach.

4. Brain damage

Alcohol will not only affect the liver organs but also cause different degrees of brain damage. If you drink a lot of alcohol on the first night, then after getting up on the second day Feeling dizzy and lack of energy is mainly due to the damage caused by alcohol to the brain and abnormal brain function.

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