The light snow has arrived, blood sugar is easy to rise, sugar lovers do these things, and sugar stabilization is more efficient

When it comes to the light snow season, the ancients believed that when the sky and the earth accumulate overcast, when it is warm, it will be rain, and if it is cold, it will be snow. When the time is small, the cold is not deep and the snow is not heavy.

This means that the coldness is getting worse and the precipitation will gradually increase, which will affect the lives of ordinary people and even sugar lovers.

What should sugar lovers pay attention to? How to maintain relative health and avoid major diseases?

1. Sugar Friends Winter Do not blindly increase or decrease medication by yourself

Blood sugar will be a little higher in winter, but it is not impossible to eat nothing. In winter, everyone likes to eat relatively greasy things. After eating greasy things, blood sugar will increase, but the frequency and quantity of greasy things should be reduced. If you have already taken it, you need to adjust the medicine, but you should not blindly discuss it with your doctor.

Some people think that blood sugar is very high, and it is very dangerous to double the medicine for the whole day at once. It is really necessary to adjust the medicine, and it is also under the condition of being able to monitor and closely observe the blood sugar throughout the day, and appropriately increase the medicine for a certain meal. It is best to make adjustments under the guidance of a doctor. It is also possible to adjust temporarily by yourself, but the results of blood sugar monitoring should be given to the doctor so that the doctor can make judgments and adjustments.

If hypoglycemia occurs, you should find out the law in time. Under what circumstances does hypoglycemia occur, whether it is occasional or frequent. If it happens once in a while, or even less than once a month, we should find out the corresponding reason, and pay attention to adding meals or adjusting medicine in time when similar situations occur again in the future; Find the reason through diet and exercise, and adjust in time to avoid hypoglycemia. In winter, the interval of follow-up visits should be appropriately shortened, and it is recommended to visit once every two months.

2. Be careful to prevent heart disease

Winter is acute myocardial infarction During the peak period of the onset of the disease, the reason is that in addition to the low temperature stimulating the human sympathetic nerve and causing vasoconstriction, the cold can also increase the content of fibrinogen in the blood and increase the blood viscosity, which can easily lead to thrombosis and block coronary vessels. Affected by long-term high blood sugar, myocardial infarction is more likely than ordinary people!

Therefore, sugar lovers should pay attention to cold protection and warmth, and add clothes and bedding at any time according to weather changes to prevent cold invasion! In addition, regular cardiovascular system physical examinations are also required to detect problems in time and treat them in time!

3. People with diabetes should eat more hot food and not be greedy for cold food

Xiaoxue solar term is cold, you should eat hot food instead of cold food. Heating in the north and air-conditioning in the south are likely to cause indoor air dryness, causing internal dryness. You should drink more soup to nourish yin. You can choose fungus, shiitake mushrooms, beef and mutton, seafood, and various vegetables as ingredients. At the same time, you should eat less spicy food to promote dryness. fire.

Diabetics often have dampness and heat, so they should not take supplements in winter, otherwise excessive nourishment will affect the circulation of Qi and blood and aggravate stasis. Complications that cause or worsen diabetes. You can choose cabbage, bitter gourd, radish, shiitake mushrooms, kelp, lily and other ingredients for tonic.

4. It’s cold and you need to exercise more

Sports are still It is necessary to strengthen exercise to improve cold protection ability and body immunity. If the outside weather is cold, some indoor exercise can be appropriately added, such as treadmill, equipment training, aerobics, badminton, table tennis, rope skipping, etc., especially after meals, to promote bowel movements and help digestion.

There is a large temperature difference between indoor and outdoor. If you go out for exercise, you should do warm-up exercises in advance, and pay attention to cold protection after exercise. You can soak your feet in hot water before going to bed at night to relieve fatigue, help blood circulation, and promote sleep.

5. Timely supplement of vitamin D

Sugar friends often stay in winter Being indoors and wearing thick clothes, it is easy to be deficient in vitamin D.

Vitamin D is a fat-soluble steroid derivative, in addition to regulating bone and minerals, it is also involved in inflammatory reactions, immune , glucose and lipid metabolism and other pathophysiological processes can reduce the risk of diabetes, and can also improve the blood sugar, insulin sensitivity or insulin resistance of sugar friends.

It is recommended that sugar lovers supplement a certain amount of vitamin D in a timely manner. When vitamin D is deficient, sugar lovers should take at least 10 micrograms of vitamin D per day, and the elderly should take 25-50 micrograms per day. Sugar lovers can also supplement through food, such as milk, egg yolk, shrimp, animal liver and fatty sea fish.