“Supplementing the shape with the shape”, this prescription is specially used to treat the unspeakable secrets of men

The fatuous emperor is greedy for women and addicted to pills. There are often such plots in costume dramas. When I was a child, I always wondered what the emperor took. I know, it turns out that most of them are refined from gold and stone medicines for strengthening yang. In fact, not only TV dramas, celebrities in the Wei and Jin Dynasties were more romantic, and the Hanshi powder they took popularly at that time also had this effect .

Aphrodisiac medicines are dry and hot in nature. After taking them, they can make people’s body hot in a short time, and they will suddenly feel bright and cheerful, and their physical strength will increase. However, long-term use will definitely lead to kidney yin depletion. Heat toxin builds up, which leads to a series of other symptoms. The ancients also found a cure for this.

“Prescriptions for Emergencies” is a clinical encyclopedia compiled and written by Sun Simiao, the king of medicine. There is a prescription for the treatment of kidney yin depletion injury , accumulation of heat and toxin caused by long-term use of yang-strengthening Jinshi medicine, which is called Zhushen Chin Chin Tamarin Decoction.

This prescription uses a total of twelve herbs: pig kidney, marmoset, gypsum, ginseng, Fushen, Anemarrhena, skullcap, kudzu root, licorice, magnet, trichosanthes, black soybeans.

The ancients said that “form complements the form”. In traditional Chinese medicine, pig kidney and black soybean are kidney nourishing A good medicine for benefiting yin, shepherd’s marmoset is sweet and cold in nature and can detoxify and promote body fluid. combined with black soybeans can relieve heat and poison of aphrodisiac drugs. These three traditional Chinese medicines together act as the king of the prescription. Pueraria lobata root and trichosanthemi are medicines for clearing away heat, promoting body fluid and quenching thirst. Magnet nourishes kidney and nourishes essence and subdues yang. Ginseng, Fushen, and licorice can benefit Qi and invigorate the spleen, and make the kidney yin biochemically connected, and they are adjuvant drugs together. Finally, there is licorice to reconcile various medicines as the envoy. The compatibility of these twelve herbs has the effects of invigorating the kidney and promoting body fluid, purging fire and detoxifying.

There is a specific order when boiling pig kidney and chestnut marmoset soup, first boil pig kidney and black soybeans, and take these two medicines

span> to boil the rest of the medicine, one decoction can be taken three times.

Misuse or long-term use of yang-strengthening drugs will cause heat toxins to accumulate in the kidneys, burn the body’s kidney yin, and cause kidney yin to be exhausted and heat toxins to accumulate. According to the records in the book, this prescription is mainly used to treat the deficiency of the kidney, and the symptoms mainly include frequent urination, burnt lips, thirst, excessive drinking, and seeing strongness (Qiangzhong refers to the erection of the penis, and semen flows out without intercourse), or carbuncle. Wait.

In ancient times, there was cold food powder that made people excited, and in modern times there are such medicines that help people, but long-term use will not only lead to dependence, but also lead to internal accumulation of heat and toxins In the kidney Xiaoqiang, the kidney is a water organ, which governs body fluid, receives qi and stores essence. For men, the kidney is a very important system. Once it is over-used, it will lead to many unspeakable secrets. It is important to protect the kidney and store essence. It is also important to treat the problem in time after discovering the problem. Don’t let the unspeakable secrets become permanent scars in the heart.