Hometown Brown and White Sugar

Brown sugar and white sugar are not produced in my hometown, they are only sold in supply and marketing cooperatives. It is also very common in supermarkets now, and it is not a rare item. However, in my childhood, brown sugar and white sugar were rare and rare.

The brown sugar people want to buy Or white sugar, there must be sugar tickets. In those days, cloth tickets were required to buy cloth, food tickets were required to buy grain, meat tickets were required to buy meat, and of course sugar tickets were required to buy sugar. The supply of materials is not very sufficient, and there was even a shortage at one point. People don’t have much money in their hands, and they have to buy things by tickets, so they don’t want to spend money. Especially farmers, even more reluctant to spend money.

Many people are farmers, even urban residents are farmers, let alone rural people . However, peasants are relatively simple, unlike intellectuals who just talk but don’t do anything. Farmers usually have no access to sugar, even brown sugar and white sugar. Women only eat brown sugar after giving birth, and they can’t eat brown sugar at all in normal times. And white sugar is more expensive than brown sugar. I heard people say that white sugar is purified from brown sugar, so of course it is more expensive.

White sugar is like a nobleman, while brown sugar is considered a commoner. When times get tough, though, I do enjoy a little brown sugar.

My aunt was anemic when she was pregnant, and my grandfather was selling things at the supply and marketing cooperative in the brigade. He brought back some brown sugar for my aunt. When my aunt drank brown sugar water, he let me drink some. I felt that the most beautiful thing in the world was brown sugar water. Compared with brown sugar water, everything else was much inferior. . I also want to eat some brown sugar, but my aunt won’t let me eat it, that thing is too expensive.

So, in my impression, brown sugar is a good thing, if you can eat it, it will be Chinese New Year .

Afterwards, things got better. My father was demobilized and changed jobs, and went to work as a cadre in a village. During the Chinese New Year, he gave out two catties of brown sugar and one catty of white sugar. My mother hid it in the cupboard and covered it with calendar paper to keep the brown sugar and white sugar from showing. However, my nose is similar to a dog’s nose. I can smell sesame oil, and I can also smell brown sugar and white sugar. It was a smell with a subtle warehouse, as if it had been stored for a long time. However, it doesn’t have that taste when you taste it, it’s sweet and straight to the heart.

I cook while my mother In the empty space, I moved the stool to the cupboard, climbed on it, and peeled off the calendar paper to reveal the brown sugar and white sugar inside. I didn’t dare to touch the white sugar, for fear that it would be too expensive and would cause scolding from my parents, so I tore the plastic bag outside the brown sugar with my hands, and dug out a brown sugar lump the size of a walnut. I held it in my hand, jumped down, and put Put the stool back where it was, and walk out as if nothing had happened. When I got to the street, I quickly took out the brown sugar lumps and gnawed them bit by bit, leaving a lot of tooth marks on them.

Brown sugar melts in your mouth. The blood-like setting sun in the western sky will not have any sad emotions, but I feel that the setting sun is fiery red and beautiful, just like our faces in the morning, flushing. Since then, I have known that food can change people’s view of the world, just like brown sugar changed my view of sunset and dusk.

After eating a brown sugar lump, I wanted to drink water, so I went home and picked up the water ladle, and the cow drank it. When eating, I am not hungry. My mother wants to put some brown sugar in my bowl so that I can eat more. When I got to the cupboard, I picked up the brown sugar bag. Unexpectedly, I dug a hole in the brown sugar bag, and some brown sugar leaked out of it. My mother quickly caught it with her hands, but some brown sugar still fell into the cupboard and onto the ground. The ones on the ground are inedible, but the ones in the cupboard are still edible. While holding the bag of brown sugar with her hands, my mother asked me to find a bowl and put the brown sugar in the bowl.

She also said, why did she miss it without eating it? Did a mouse bite?

My sister said that my brother must have stolen it. I said, my sister ate it.

My sister said, I don’t like sugar, but Chinese cabbage.

My mother knew that my sister didn’t like sweets, so she patted my head with her palm and said, it must be You ate it.

I said, it’s me, how about it?

My mother smiled and said, can you still pick it out of your stomach? Just eat it.

I seem to know a little bit, mother I have no idea. I put some brown sugar in the rice, and I ate a big bowl, and my stomach was full. It stands to reason that after eating so much brown sugar, one shouldn’t like brown sugar, but I still like it. After school, I picked out the bag of brown sugar, and within two weeks, I ate up the brown sugar.

My mother was surprised, afraid that I would eat white sugar like that again, so she warned me not to eat it anymore. However, on a night when there was a power outage, my mother had a cold and was unwilling to move the place or cook. I took the opportunity to say, eat sugar. The mother said, you can eat as soon as you eat.

I broke open the steamed buns, wrapped them in sugar and ate them, and took out two pickled garlic jars , just eat. After my father got off work, I asked him to eat it wrapped in sugar, and he said it was delicious. However, my father doesn’t care about that thing, he just eats it with pickled garlic, but he doesn’t eat sugar. My sister doesn’t eat white sugar either, but I can’t figure it out.

everything has a beginning, there will be a follow-up. After school, I took steamed buns and wrapped them in sugar. Actually finished eating sugar in a week. My sister automatically supervises me, as soon as I leave school, move the stool to the cupboard, break open the steamed buns and wrap them in sugar, my sister will call me mother and shout loudly, my brother stole the sugar again.

I don’t care about that, I jumped down with a “boom”, and ran away. Run out, no one will say anything after eating.

Those years were really interesting, even sugar was delicious. Up to now, I don’t want to eat anymore. Perhaps, with the progress of the times, people are not so rare about brown sugar and white sugar. However, my mother still knew that I like to eat brown sugar and white sugar, so she steamed sugar buns for me and sprinkled a layer of white sugar on the fried peanuts.

Even if my wife says no I eat more sugar, but my mother still stubbornly thinks that I like sugar, so I still steam the buns with sugar, and sprinkle a layer of sugar on the fried peanuts as usual. Maybe, the days when I stole brown sugar and white sugar left a deep impression on her, or maybe I really like eating them, my mother remembers them well…