The human body comes with a “ten complete tonic”, which does not cost a penny, and its efficacy is far better than that of Cordyceps…

▲ Zhang Shijie, a famous national doctor of traditional Chinese medicine, helped the patient massage the Taixi point.

In Peking Union Medical College Hospital, a senior journalist People with advanced lung cancer, high paraplegia, no drinking water, no excretion, and dying. If multiple treatments are ineffective, Director Zhang Shijie will be invited to treat him with acupuncture and moxibustion.

Director Zhang Shijie Acupuncture Taixi point, once the needle is inserted, the patient’s urine will flow out of the catheter, and the needle will stop immediately. All the experts and professors present were amazed. After 5 sessions of acupuncture and moxibustion, the patient’s diet was normal, and all intubations were removed.

< span>The most expensive doctor in Beijing: Taixi Dingsheng Nuan

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Why is Taixi Point so magical?

From the perspective of Chinese medicine , Taixi point is the original point of the kidney meridian, and the meaning of the original point is to nourish both kidney yin and kidney yang. Taixi point is not only the Dabu point of the kidney meridian, but also the Dabu point of the whole body. The foundation of nourishing the innate must start from Taixi point.

Except “Zhang Taixi” There is also a famous doctor in Beijing who also likes to use Taixi point to treat diseases.

Wu Guozhong, the most expensive doctor in Beijing, wrote in the book “Live to the End of the World”:The human body grows cold with old age, but Taixi Ding makes it warm. Anyone with a cold physique may wish to let the warm vitality enter the cold body through Changxi Taixi Point, and let the “ice and snow in the body” become a trickle of spring.

Some people often have dry throat, drinking water doesn’t work, and there is no saliva, which is due to insufficient kidney yin. Kneading the Taixi point can replenish kidney yin.

Some people have renal colic, especially when there are kidney stones in the body, so usually more Kneading the Taixi point can prevent and treat renal colic.

Some people have gout and uric acid If it is too high, it means that there are too many toxins in the urine, rubbing the Taixi point every day can solve this problem from the source. Some people have nephritis and cannot urinate, rubbing the Taixi point can also help to get rid of urination.

Taixi point can also cure congenital convulsions. If the brain is injured, it also has the effect of assisting in recuperation. Because the brain is dominated by the kidneys and has a great relationship with the kidney meridian, so if you want to restore the injured brain, you must stimulate the Taixi point.

Some people suffer from have anorexia. The ancients referred to anorexia as hunger and not wanting to eat. Although you are hungry when you see something to eat, you just can’t eat it. This is also caused by kidney deficiency. Because the kidney meridian runs directly from the throat to the stomach, Taixi point can also treat anorexia.

There are chest tightness , bronchitis, asthma, etc., Taixi point can be cured. Because the kidney meridian passes through these diseasesLocation.

Alzheimer’s disease is also kidney deficiency a manifestation of And opening up the kidney meridian can prevent and treat various aging symptoms including senile dementia.

Point selection:

Taixi point is in the depression on the back edge of the medial malleolus. When kneading the Taixi point, many people don’t respond at all, especially those who are weak. At this time, if it is not painful, you must rub it so that it hurts, and if it hurts, you must rub it so that it does not hurt.

As the primary point, Taixi point can stimulate and mobilize the body’s driving force, but mobilize Finally, it must be stored, that is, stored at Yongquan Point, so that you will have a healthy foundation.

Like rubbing the soles of your feet every day , doing golden rooster independence, soaking feet and other health care methods, the purpose is to open up the kidney meridian and bring the fire back to its source.

Kneading Fuliu acupoint often is equivalent to eating Liuwei Dihuang Wan

Fuliu acupoint is to make the stagnant water flow again. When there is congestion in the human body, dirty things such as urine, sweat, and phlegm will stay in the body without flowing.

< span> Fuliu point has the effect of lowering blood pressure.

Varcose veins are caused by long-term blood stasis without backflow. If the Fuliu acupoint is stimulated when it is just silted up, the effect will be obvious.

Fuliu point can Treatment of diarrhea abdominal pain. Diarrhea is the result of blockage of the bladder, and the water does not go to the bladder, but to the large intestine. After rubbing the Fuliu point, the urethra is unblocked, and the diarrhea will naturally be cured.

Fuliu point is The key points for treating eye diseases. When you have cataracts, glaucoma, floaters, eye pain, upper eyelid weakness and other problems, rubbing Fuliu point will work.

Fuliu point can Treat asthma. Moxibustion at Fuliu point is for those who are prone to deficiency and coldness, and kneading is enough for those who are partial to excess heat.

Fuliu point can Treatment of spontaneous sweating, night sweats.

< span>Acupoint selection

Patient should be sitting or supine. Fuliu point is located on the inner side of the calf, two finger widths above the center of the inner side of the ankle, between the tibia and the Achilles tendon. (or 2 inches straight above Taixi point, in front of the Achilles tendon.)

Syndrome of excess kidney deficiency, “deficiency will nourish its mother”, Fuliu is the mother point of the kidney meridian, so it has the power of nourishing yin and nourishing kidney, replenishing essence and marrow.


Taixi and Fuliu acupoints are massaged, the effect is very good, and there are no contraindications. They are often used in combination. Which acupoint is sensitive, rub the acupoint first, and then massage the insensitive acupoint. The acupuncture points are also sensitive.

< span>If you perform cupping on Shenshu, Guanyuan, Qihai and other acupoints at the same time, it will really become a safe and peaceful Shiquan Dabu Tang.