Stop using it as a staple food immediately! Damage to the liver and kidneys, blood sugar soars, and some people have gout “stones” all over their bodies…

Over the years, our living conditions have become better and better, and we have become more particular about the food we eat. However, various “diseases of wealth and wealth” have emerged:High blood fat, high blood sugar, fatty liver…

Actually, it all has something to do with the food you eat.

It is said that there are The staple food that plays an important role may be the “culprit” that makes you fat and sick.

Do you think it is rice, noodles, steamed buns?

Of course not!

About eating Five misunderstandings of staple food

The staple food is the main source of carbohydrates in the diet and one of the essential nutrients for the human body, but there are many misunderstandings about it.

< span>01×”The staple food is high in calories, and it is easy to gain weight if you eat too much”

Please note: 1 gram of fat produces 9 kilocalories!

1 gram of carbohydrates and 1 gram of protein produce 4 kcal of heat respectively.

And the staple food is Carbohydrate-based, it is unreasonable to say that the staple food is high in calories.

If you have to control For calorie intake, it is better to start with meat.

< span>02×”Eating more coarse grains is better than fine grains”

Eating a large amount of coarse grains for a long time will affect the body’s absorption of calcium, iron and other minerals, and reduce the immunity.

At the same time, eat whole grains Too much will also affect digestion and increase the burden on the gastrointestinal tract.

It is best to eat staple food Pay attention to the combination of thickness and thickness. It is best for healthy adults to eat only 50-100 grams of coarse grains per day, accounting for about 1/3 of the total staple food. For the elderly, that is, children, the dosage should be reduced appropriately.

< span>03×”It is best not to eat staple food for dinner”

If the body’s carbohydrate supply is insufficient, it will use tissue protein and fat to solve it, and tissue protein Decomposition consumption, will affect organ function.

It will also make a lot of Fat oxidation also produces ketone bodies, leading to ketosis and even ketoacidosis.

04 ×”The staple food is not nutritious”

In addition to providing energy, the staple food is also rich in dietary fiber. In addition, many of the B vitamins needed by the human body also come from staple foods.

05×The staple food only includes grains and beans< /p>

The staple food refers to food, including rice, flour, miscellaneous grains, potatoes class and all other ingredients.

So I ate potatoes After eating starchy foods such as celery, sweet potatoes, pumpkins, etc., it is necessary to appropriately reduce the amount of other staple foods.

The following types of food have a lot of “lethal power”!

Please stop eating these foods< /span>

01 Hot Pot

Everyone will think, how did hot pot become a staple food? This has something to do with the habits of many people.

It’s winter, many people like to eat hot pot to keep warm Body, the taste is great, and when eating hot pot, it is not suitable for staple food, so we directly take hot pot as “staple food”. Two days ago, Guangzhou Daily published a news:

Mr. >I like to eat high-purine foods such as hot pot and offal. Now I have been tortured by tophi for more than 20 years. Tophi is as big as an egg and as small as a sesame seed all over my body.

Especially one of his The hands and joints are gradually deformed due to tophi, and they have become a pair of “ginger hands”. The attack is miserable.

The content of purine in hot pot is very high, because the hot pot mainly containsbroth, fish Soup and seafood soup, etc., these are high-purine foods.

In addition, because Different ingredients will be put into the hot pot. After cooking for a long time, the components of various ingredients in the hot pot soup may undergo chemical reactions and produce harmful substances to the human body. So it is okay to eat hot pot once in a while, but not for a long time.

< span>02 fried rice and noodles

This kind of food is also liked by many people, especially fried rice. The leftover rice from the night before yesterday is fried directly the next day, and it is delicious and delicious. But everyone pay attention, This kind of “leftover rice” Staple food often exceeds the standard of energy and has a lot of fat.

Eating for a long time, very likely Invisibly let our blood vessels deposit fat, and even accelerate the aging of blood vessels.

Dietary advice given by neurology clinicians comes first The basics are: Food with high oil and high salt, everyone must avoid it, especially those who have diabetes.

These foods can be eaten occasionally, but they cannot be eaten as a staple food. How to choose the staple food for the elderly requires special attention.

03 rare porridge

Glue, it was opened some time ago Dr. Wen Hong called by name and said to drink less, the reason must be clear to everyone:

It’s really not nutritious, whether it’s breakfast or lunch or dinner, if you eat it, you can’t eat other nutritious foods, and it’s extremely Easy to spike blood sugar.

In addition, white porridge is tasteless and likes to be paired with pickles, salty Eat fish with white porridge.This kind of breakfast is not only nutritious, but also exceeds the standard of sodium intake!

Excessive sodium intake will definitely increase the burden on the kidneys in the long run. If you want to drink porridge, you can add some ingredients, multigrain porridge will be much more nutritious.

Nine high-quality staple food recommendations

Because of getting older, the body lacks nutrients. If you don’t eat staple food at ordinary times, it will increase the burden on your body. Therefore, it is recommended that the elderly increase the amount of staple food appropriately. Maintaining a slightly fat, not too fat, nor thin state will help prolong life.

The following editor recommends 9 high-quality staple foods for everyone. Let you eat healthy every day.

No. 9 NameSweet Corn

Corn basically has the nutrients necessary for the human body. It is not only rich in dietary fiber, but also the lecithin contained in it can protect the brain, reduce cholesterol and protect the liver.

Eating suggestions: boiled corn, grilled corn, corn kernels Salad, polenta porridge are good choices.

No. 8Purple Potato/Sweet Potato< /span>

Potatoes such as purple potatoes and sweet potatoes are rich in dietary fiber, large in size, strong in satiety, sweet in taste, cheap in price, and rich in potassium and calcium. It can lower blood pressure, resist oxidation, etc.

Purple sweet potato also contains selenium Elements and anthocyanins have excellent anti-cancer and anti-oxidation effects.

No. 7 Nameyam, taro

Basically everyone uses yam and taro for cooking, frying, frying and stewing. In fact, their carbohydrate content is not low. It is very suitable to be used as a staple food, and it is not high in calories and has a strong sense of satiety.

< span>No. 7Potatoes

Potatoes are also eaten as vegetables by most people, but in fact Potatoes are also a very high-quality staple food. Their starch content and carbohydrate content are lower than those of rice, which can promote the digestive function of the spleen and stomach.

And potatoes are rich in dietary fiber, which helps Promote gastrointestinal motility and clear the intestines. What needs to be reminded is that If you treat potatoes as a dish, you can reduce the amount of staple food appropriately.

< span>No. 6Miscellaneous beans

Miscellaneous beans are all kinds of beans, such as mung beans, red beans, pinto beans, peas, etc., which are very suitable as staple food. The content of cellulose, potassium, magnesium and other trace elements are higher than those of polished rice.

No. 5Catweed Mai

Quinoa is the traditional staple food of Indians. It is a whole grain, whole nutrition, complete protein alkaline food. Like rice, it has a history of nearly 6,000 years of cultivation and consumption. Its protein content is similar to that of beef , and the quality is no less than that of milk-derived protein and meat-derived protein.

No. 4 NameXiaomi

Millet contains carotene, vitamins and protein, which is not only good for digestion and accelerated metabolism, but also very suitable for people with poor stomach. It can be cooked with pumpkin to make porridge. It has the effects of nourishing the spleen and stomach, nourishing the kidney, reassuring the mind, nourishing the yin and beautifying the face.

No. 3Brown Rice

The taste of brown rice is very similar to that of polished rice. In brown rice, the nutrients in the outer layer have not been worn away, and all the nutrients have been preserved. It is the unrefined coarse grains that we advocate.

Rich in amino acids, B vitamins and other beneficial Ingredients, the nutritional value is several times that of polished rice, and the feeling of satiety is stronger.

It can be bought in general supermarkets, it is best to soak overnight , more conducive to cooking.

No. 2 NamePurple Rice

Purple rice is rich in lysine, tryptophan, vitamin B1, vitamin B2, folic acid, protein, fat and other nutrients, as well as iron, Zinc, calcium, phosphorus and other mineral elements needed by the human body have a good nourishing effect.

And the purple rice cooks, the taste is very fragrant, and The taste is soft and glutinous, very suitable for eating~

No. 1Oats

Oatmeal is a low-sugar and high-nutrition food,can Effectively reduce the absorption rate of fat and cholesterol in the small intestine, and lower cholesterol.

You can soak the oatmeal in advance , mixed with rice in a ratio of 1:1, and cooked in a rice cooker to make oatmeal.