The hazards of duck paramyxovirus The age of onset of duck paramyxovirus

Damage of duck paramyxovirus Age of onset of duck paramyxovirus

Now the whole country Duck farms have popped up everywhere to meet the increasing market demand. But in the process of breeding, ducks often get sick due to some problems. For example, duck paramyxovirus is a deadly disease for ducks.

The disease is fatal to muscovy ducks, semi-muscle ducks, laying shelducks and geese, among which muscovy ducks and geese are relatively sensitive . The age of onset in meat ducks is between 8 and 30 days, and the younger the age, the more serious the disease.

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Duck farmers know that ducks are particularly afraid of infectious diseases. Once one of the ducks gets sick, it will infect many ducks. If it is light, it will cost a lot of treatment, and if it is serious, many ducks will die directly. In the high temperature and high humidity of summer, some germs multiply rapidly, which will cause the occurrence of diseases.

Ducks are a very common breed of poultry in rural areas. Now duck products are becoming more and more popular in the market, and more and more people are raising ducks more. Although raising ducks is common, it is not a simple matter to manage. It takes a lot of energy, especially the hazards of various diseases. If the prevention and control are not done properly, it will directly affect the breeding benefits.