How to prevent duck paramyxovirus and the pathogenesis of duck paramyxovirus

How to prevent duck paramyxovirus and its pathogenesis

Duck and goose Paramyxovirus disease is also called goose Newcastle disease. Its onset is characterized by the younger the age, the higher the incidence rate, which seriously affects the economic benefits of duck and goose farmers.

Duck paramyxovirus disease is a viral disease. The pathogen is duck paramyxovirus. It is an infectious disease characterized by invading the digestive tract and respiratory tract. But it is still preventable, so the main thing about disease is prevention, not treatment.

1 Dalong independent health, prevention and treatment of duck paramyxa, influenza, flavivirus, adenovirus.

2 The poultry house and surrounding environment should be disinfected 1-2 times a week Second, buckets and troughs should be disinfected every day, and a disinfection pool should be set up in front of the duck house to prevent outsiders from entering the breeding area. Keep the duck house dry and hygienic, clean the feces frequently, disinfect frequently, and accumulate and ferment the feces.

3 Do a good job in the prevention and treatment of duck diseases. If sick ducks are found, they should be cured in time to ensure the smooth feeding and management measures conduct.

4 Strengthen feeding management, pay attention to environmental disinfection, reasonably control feeding density, reduce stress factors, try to achieve self-propagation and self-support, and fully feed all out.