What is the pathogen of duck paramyxovirus? The characteristics of duck paramyxovirus

What is the pathogen of duck paramyxovirus? The characteristics of duck paramyxovirus

Duck The pathogen of paramyxovirus is duck paramyxovirus, and the disease is mainly characterized by damage to the digestive tract and respiratory tract. It is contagious and can occur all year round. Once the disease appears, it is easy to infect ducks and cause a large number of deaths in a short period of time.

Autopsy: Hepatosplenomegaly was found, with white necrotic foci of varying sizes on the surface and in the parenchyma. Duodenum, jejunum, and ileum were hemorrhage and necrosis, and bean-shaped ulcers were seen in the colon.

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China is a big duck raising country. The number of ducks raised in our country is the first in the world. Such a long history of duck raising has been accumulated from generation to generation Experience, so that farmers know more and more how to raise ducks, the market is in a state where the supply cannot meet the demand, and the breeding prospects are very bright. So how to raise ducks

The secret of raising ducks

The density of duck flocks in duck houses in summer should be appropriately reduced to prevent crowding and stacking of duck flocks, which will cause a large number of ducks to die. At the same time, in order to ensure that the ducks have sufficient drinking water, drinking fountains and food troughs should be appropriately added.

Staff must have a high sense of responsibility and a strong awareness of epidemic prevention, and strictly control the entry of people outside the duck farm, especially the duck farm It is strictly forbidden to string together duck houses between households; implement single-species production to ensure all in and all out;