The Daxing’an Mountains need to obtain a permit for mining goods, and the foreigners are more than twice as expensive as the locals? Official: Under investigation

Jimu News reporter Zhang Hao

A few days ago, some residents in Anling, Daling, Heilongjiang reported that local people need to apply for a permit to go up the mountain to pick up mountain goods. They don’t know if the charges are reasonable, why are they still applying double standards?

Internet video screenshot

The video circulating on the Internet shows that on August 3, there were many people Came to the office building of the Daxinganling Xinlin Forestry Bureau and asked the bureau leaders to explain and take out the documents. And the accompanying text said, “There is a conflict because of not allowing people to enter the mountains to pick up mountain goods.”

Local residents interviewed by reporters

A local resident told the Jimu News reporter that every year from the beginning of August, there is a month or so of harvesting period, and thousands of foreigners often come to pick wild mushrooms, pine cones, blueberries and other wild products. . It’s not that they are not allowed to enter the mountains to pick up mountain goods as said in the above video, but they require a certificate, which is 700 yuan for locals and 1,500 yuan for non-locals. “I used to ask for a certificate, but I didn’t charge so much money,” he said.

The staff of Xinlin Forest Farm also confirmed to reporters that it is necessary to provide ID cards and photos and other documents to go up the mountain to pick up mountain goods. Sign the safety and fire prevention responsibility letter, and the security deposit is refundable. As for whether there is a document policy for fees, she does not know.

The staff of the Dawusu Town People’s Government told the Jimu News reporter that the above-mentioned charging issue is decided by Lin Yang and does not belong to the scope of government management.

Go up the mountain to pick up mountain goods (data map)

On the afternoon of the 3rd, Jimu News reporter contacted the new A staff member of the Forestry and Forestry Bureau said that they did see residents coming to consult the policy of picking mountain goods, but everyone had already left, and he did not know how to solve the problem.

Is there any document stipulation about the charges for mining goods? Why are there two standards for charging? Jimu News reporter then contacted the Daxinganling Forestry Group, the parent unit of the Xinlin Forestry Bureau. On the morning of the 5th, the relevant personnel of the group replied: “The group leaders attach great importance to it and are currently actively investigating this matter. After the investigation is over, they will respond authoritatively and in detail in a timely manner.”