The four departments jointly issued a document to strengthen the monitoring of the production and reserve of drugs in shortage and selected drugs in centralized procurement

Screenshot of the official website of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology

People’s Daily Online, Beijing, August 11 (Reporter Qiao Yeqiong) In order to timely determine the shortage of drugs and The state organizes centralized procurement of selected drugs (hereinafter referred to as “selected drugs for centralized procurement”) in order to improve the production and supply security capabilities of related drugs. The General Office of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the General Office of the National Health Commission, the National Medical Security Administration, and the The General Department of the Administration recently issued the “Notice on Strengthening the Monitoring of the Production and Reserve of Drugs in Shortage and Centralized Drug Purchasing by the State” (hereinafter referred to as the “Notice”). Production enterprises to monitor.

The “Notice” shows that the varieties included in the monitoring scope include the varieties on the National Shortage Drug List announced by the National Health Commission, the National Key Monitoring List of Clinically Necessary Drugs that are prone to Shortage, and the National Organization Drugs announced by the National Medical Insurance Administration. Centralized procurement of selected drugs. The catalogue of monitored varieties will be dynamically adjusted.

The enterprises included in the monitoring scope include the production enterprises of shortage drugs, the enterprises selected for centralized procurement of drugs organized by the state, and the key shortage drug reserve enterprises. Monitor the implementation of dynamic adjustments to the enterprise directory.

The “Notice” clarifies that the local industry and information technology authorities will work with the health, medical security, and drug regulatory authorities to urge and guide the monitoring enterprises in the region to fill in the production and reserve information online, and coordinate and organize production. supply.

The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology will work with relevant departments to analyze the production reserve information, conduct inspections and assessments in a timely manner, publish relevant information, and coordinate and solve major problems.