Dry eyes, rubbing the big toe is good

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In today’s fast-paced life, overuse of eyes has become the norm, and dry eyes are more and more common. Although the symptoms of dry eyes are in the eyes , but its root is in the “liver”. Traditional medicine believes that “the liver opens its orifices in the eyes”, which means that the liver meridian is connected to the eyes, the function of the eyes depends on the nourishment of the liver blood, and the strength of vision is directly related to the liver. If the liver blood is insufficient and the eyes are lost, there will be dry eyes and vision loss.

Many people will get some relief from eye drops at first, but after a long time, eye drops seem to have no effect. This is caused by insufficient liver nourishment, and we need fundamental treatment. Dadun acupoint is the starting point of the liver meridian and the place where the qi of the liver meridian is emitted. It is located 0.1 inch outside the edge of the toenail root at the tip of the big toe. Slight local soreness is appropriate, which can promote the operation of liver meridian qi and blood, thereby moisturizing the eyes and relieving the symptoms of dry eyes.