The first time you get up in the morning, you can see so many problems? Zhejiang one expert: these indicators must be kept in mind

It is the most familiar “stranger” in our lives

First thing in the morning

Just “send” it away


You guessed it right

It’s our pee

If you “send” it away every morning

You can look back at it again

It is equivalent to a small medical examination

You may be thinking “How is this possible?”

Don’t be surprised!

There are many health secrets hidden in pee

Do not believe, read this popular science carefully

You noticed

Your pee?

What’s the first thing you do when you wake up every day? I believe many people will say “pee”. So have you paid attention to your pee? Especially the morning urine that “brews” all night. I believe that many people have not paid attention to it, and rushed it away and sent it away.

What is pee? Urine is processed by the kidneys to remove useless fluids from the body, that is, our body’s waste. Zhou Jingyi, Deputy Chief Physician of the Nephrology Center of the First Affiliated Hospital of Zhejiang University School of Medicine, said, don’t dislike the dirty urine and don’t even want to look at it. Many people never pay attention to their urine, nor do regular physical examinations until dizziness, nausea, and tiredness appear. Fatigue to the hospital for a check, it is already uremia, and some uremia patients are even very young.

So what do you know by looking at your pee every day?


Observe “Yan” and look at color – pay attention to the color of urine

The normal color of urine is light yellow or amber, and attention should be paid to if the color is too light or too dark.

Some pee is as pink as the water in which the meat has been washed, some is as red and black as soy sauce, some is brown and yellow like strong tea, and some even look like If the blood is the same or mixed with blood clots, it is recommended to go to a regular hospital for further examination. The color of the urine indicates not only the health of the kidneys, but also the bladder and liver.


“fine” water flow – focus on pee texture

Deputy Chief Physician Zhou Jingyi described healthy urine as “ice clean and jade clean”, which means crystal clear (of course, the clarity here refers to the texture of urine), and more Like a complex brine.

Then why do some people have foam in their pee? Deputy Chief Physician Zhou Jingyi said that in most cases, foamy urine is proteinuria, that is, the protein content in the urine exceeds the normal range.

Has something that shouldn’t be there, does that mean the urine is “broken”? Yes, but don’t be nervous if you notice foam in your pee. Although proteinuria means there may be a health problem with the kidneys. Why say possible?

Because proteinuria is divided into physiological proteinuria and functional proteinuria, this is why you should not panic even if you find foamy urine. In addition, men tend to urinate too quickly and too high due to their urination posture, resulting in bubbles. You can observe this “bubble” due to “high standing” urination for a while. The foam disappears, this is not proteinuria. If the foam persists for a long time, then you have to go to a regular hospital for further examination.


Smell the “scent” to detect urine – pay attention to the smell of urine

“Did you know? The smell of normal fresh urine is not pungent and unpleasant, it’s just a slight ammonia smell and even a peculiar faint aroma.” Deputy Chief Physician Zhou Jingyi said that the smell of urine that people often say is not the smell of fresh urine, but urine retention time is too long, which breeds bacteria. Once the diligent bacteria family enters the urine , I worked overtime to decompose the urea. After the urea was decomposed, the ammonia smell became heavier, so it smelled bad.

The smell of urine is related to the food and medicine you eat. For example, if you eat garlic, your urine will smell bad, but some special smells may indicate health problems.

For example, some urine smells like apples, don’t think you have a fruity smell, this smell may indicate that you may have diabetic ketosis.

Some urine smells foul odor, which may be caused by urinary tract infection caused by bacterial infection, and it is recommended to go to a regular hospital examine.


Shame on urinating? ——Follow the number of urination

Do you have a friend or colleague who runs away with the excuse of urinating when something is difficult or needs to pay, so how many times a day is it normal for us to urinate?

Deputy Chief Physician Zhou Jingyi said that there is no strict or accurate standard for the number of urinations per day. In the case of healthy people drinking water normally, generally speaking, the amount of urine excreted per day is about 1500-2500ml. The bladder capacity of our adults is about 300-500nl, and a simple division, urination is about 5-8 times a day. But if you drink more water and sweat less, then the frequency will increase accordingly, after all, the bladder capacity is there.

Of course, the frequency of urination can also reflect kidney function or other diseases, such as urinary tract infections, diabetes, benign prostatic hyperplasia, etc., and even mental factors, which can also cause changes in the frequency of urination . For people who already know they have kidney disease, it makes more sense to pay attention to the amount of urine and the number of times you wake up at night.