The first ancient night market in Fuzhou West Lake

Wear Hanfu, enjoy lotus flowers, guess lantern riddles, Putting on the river lanterns, visiting the ancient night market, watching the digital summit exhibition… In the past week, many citizens visited the digital application experience hall and concentrated experience area in Fuzhou West Lake Park. On the evening of July 25, the related activities ended successfully. The reporter learned from the Fuzhou Garden Center that during this year’s digital summit, West Lake Park also launched a series of cultural activities, “The Night Tour of Lights in the Twenty-Four Solar Terms and Great Heat”.

Guochao cultural and creative attracts all kinds of people

Last week activities, just in time for the big summer festival. In the West Lake Park, the lotus flowers in the scenic spots such as the Lotus Pavilion and the Spring Dawn on the West Causeway bring bursts of coolness in the hot weather, and the park has also become the first choice for many citizens to enjoy the coolness.

On the evening of July 23, an ancient night market opened on Kaihua Island in West Lake Park.

Besides the bamboo pavilion in the tea garden, tourists played lantern riddles in the dark. The answers to lantern riddles include historical figures, cultural heritage and clean government terms. Tourists who guess the lantern riddles correctly can get small gifts from the park. In less than two hours, the tourists guessed hundreds of lantern riddles. There are even more folk masters, in front of Kaihua Temple, participate in the lantern riddle arena, competing for hand speed and brain power.

Beside the fountain on Kaihua Island, traditional paper umbrellas, Hanfu, silk fans, lanterns, jewelry…More than a dozen stalls selling Guochao cultural and creative creations are in a circle. Paper umbrellas costing more than 20 yuan, silk fans costing 5 yuan, these high-quality and inexpensive national trendy cultural and creative products are not only liked by the elderly and children, but also popular among young people. In the night market, tourists wearing Hanfu can get more benefits, such as free reservations to take a cruise, such as free collection of small lotus lanterns, put them in the lake, and pray for good weather and national prosperity.

The event lasted from 6:00 pm to 9:00 pm. In just over three hours, thousands of tourists participated, and many tourists were still unsatisfied.

West Lake Night Tour Full of Mindu Rhythm

West Lake Park Why hold an ancient night market?

Guo Min, the person in charge of the Park Management Office, said that in history, literati and writers had a special liking for the night tour of the West Lake in Fuzhou, and left behind many poems and legends. Like Xin Qiji, a literati in the Song Dynasty, during his tenure in Fuzhou, he left a lot of poems referring to the night scene of the West Lake, such as “The people on the upper reaches of the street praise their homeland, and the crystal terrace is ten miles away”, such as “To the jade pagoda, Chenglan late at night”.

The relevant person in charge of the West Lake Park Management Office said that during the digital summit, the park’s digital application experience hall and centralized experience area represent modernity and fashion, while the ancient style night market highlights the traditional Mindu cultural charm, ” This is the first time that our park has held an ancient night market. The staff and volunteers of the management office decorate and maintain the atmosphere of the night market. Most of the goods sold in the night market are carefully selected by gardeners and sold at cost prices, allowing tourists to experience the night of the West Lake. The cultural heritage of tourism.”

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Article source: Fuzhou News Network