When the clouds clear and the fog dissipates, I must come to the East Mansion.

Sunshine always comes after wind and rain


Remove the haze of the past

On a sunny summer day

Come with the East Mansion A gorgeous encounter

During the epidemic, the East Mansion is still full of greenery, flowers, tall arborvitae, and lush walnut trees, which are the most eye-catching. The East Mansion is more ancient and solemn under the playful background of the rose flowers, full of history and vicissitudes. To put it in a cliché, “There are roses everywhere, and it is better than the East Mansion”.

The East Mansion is a collection of bricks The architectural art Grand View Garden integrates carvings, wood carvings, and oil painting and painting. The buildings in the courtyard are embossed and gilded, which are exquisite and exquisite.

When Gaoyang is under the sky, the East Mansion is full of luxuriant leaves and flowers, and there are more high-quality explanation services, a clean and tidy tourist environment, and convenient tourist services. Sitting on the cool feldspar chair under the big tree and cypress is also quite common of comfort.

After the epidemic, the East Residence welcomes all guests to visit, learn about the rich historical and cultural connotations of Linxia, ​​feel the charm of ancient buildings, and listen to every brick sculpture The story.

Text: Ma Hui

Editor: Jia Yijiao

< p>Review: Zhang Jiying and Ma Xujing

[Source: Voice of Linxia Cultural Tourism]

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