A student in Nanchang encounters trouble after booking a ticket on the high-speed rail butler APP, and the refund will not refund a penny

Dajiang.com/Dajiang News Client News reporter Ouyang Xing reported: On June 29, a student in Nanchang, Xiao Zhang, ordered a ticket on the high-speed rail housekeeper app, the price was 3042 yuan, due to the change of the itinerary , and he refunded the ticket through the platform. What made him incomprehensible was that after applying for a refund, he was informed by the third-party booking platform that the refund amount was 0 yuan.

Xiao Zhang, a college student, originally planned to fly to Sydney, Australia on July 29 due to his studies. In order to determine the itinerary as soon as possible, on June 29, Xiao Zhang ordered a flight ticket from Hong Kong to Sydney through the high-speed rail butler APP at a price of 3,042 yuan. Originally thought that all the itinerary was properly arranged, but unexpectedly there was a change in the itinerary. In desperation, on July 2, Xiao Zhang could only choose to refund the ticket.

It stands to reason that a certain percentage of the handling fee will be charged for refunding the ticket. When the ticket is refunded, Xiao Zhang is ready to deduct the corresponding fee. What he did not expect was that shortly after he initiated the refund application, he received a text message on his mobile phone and was informed that the refund amount was 0 yuan.

“Not a penny will be refunded. This kind of refund policy is incomprehensible. “Xiao Zhang said helplessly that the operation of the third-party platform “High-speed Railway Manager” belongs to the “overlord clause”, which damages the interests of customers. And when booking tickets, he did not notice the relevant refund regulations. If it is clear that this is the case, he will not book tickets through this platform. He later consulted the relevant airline and was told that he had refunded more than 300 yuan to a third-party booking platform, but the platform did not refund him.

What are the facts? The Dajiang News reporter learned from the customer service phone provided by Xiao Zhang. A customer service staff of “Flight Manager” explained that when the customer booked the ticket, there was a reminder about the relevant refund clause, and the refund was not paid to the customer. Nowadays, mobile phone booking has become the main way for people to travel and buy tickets, and there are not a few encounters like Xiao Zhang. The reporter searched on Baidu and found that there were not many complaints about flight stewards, and many people complained that they did not receive refunds after refunding tickets.

In response to the “flight steward” refund policy, lawyer Xiao Wei of Jiangxi Ligong Law Firm said that when users book tickets on third-party platforms, if there are any The terms of refunding tickets and not refunding money should belong to the terms that have not been negotiated with users, and constitute standard terms. According to the relevant provisions of the Civil Code, third-party platforms should take reasonable measures to remind users to pay attention to terms that are exempt from liability or have major interests with users. And also in accordance with the user’s request to give a description of the terms. If the user fails to fulfill the obligation of prompting or explaining, causing losses to the user, the content of the standard terms can be claimed to be invalid. At the same time, if the clause unreasonably exempts or reduces its responsibility, aggravates the user’s responsibility, or restricts the user’s main rights, the clause remains invalid.