Beef strong body? Reminder: Don’t be reluctant to eat when you are middle-aged! 4 foods that are easy to digest and nutritious

“When a person reaches middle age, one year is not as good as one year”. I’m sure you’ve heard this often. After a person is over 50 years old, the body functions begin to degenerate significantly, and problems such as physical decline, inflexible legs and feet, and backaches spring up like mushrooms after rain. From the perspective of nutrition and health, this is actually a normal manifestation of human aging. But what we can do is not to settle down with the situation, but to seek change.

——Strong body with beef? Middle-aged and elderly people should eat more?

As we all know, beef has extremely high nutritional value and has always been regarded as the king of meat. Beef contains a lot of sarcosine and protein, and these nutrients are of great significance to the health of middle-aged and elderly people. In particular, the protein content is very sufficient, which can fully supplement the human body with enough energy. Therefore, it is very good for middle-aged and elderly people to eat some beef appropriately. But although beef is good, it is not easy to digest, so it should be eaten in moderation.


Reminder: When people reach middle age, 4 kinds of food are easy to digest and nutritious, so don’t be reluctant to eat them!

1. Eggs

First of all, eggs are much cheaper than the beef above. And eggs also contain a variety of nutrients, calcium, protein, a variety of trace elements and so on. And eggs can be regarded as a versatile delicacy. Whether it is fried with various vegetables or added to soup, it is a delicacy suitable for all ages. But eggs contain a certain amount of cholesterol, so eat in moderation.

2. Nuts

Would you insist on eating a few nuts every day? According to the health status of Chinese people and the daily amount of nuts mentioned in the dietary guidelines for residents, we need to reach about 25g, which is just a small amount. So stick to a small handful of nuts every day, whether it’s walnuts, peanuts, pine nuts, etc., are good choices. But at the same time, nuts contain a lot of fat, eating too much may lead to obesity~

3. Fish

In our impression, fish has always been a representative of nutrition. Fish food, especially some deep-sea fish, such as hairtail, tuna, etc., are representatives of nutrition and delicacy. Fish meat is not as high in fat as pork, and the variety of amino acids and trace elements contained in fish meat is much higher than that of ordinary meat, which is why fish meat is more expensive than other meat. The fish has a delicate taste, suitable for all ages.

4, camel milk

dairy products, It has always been an irreplaceable “daily necessity” for middle-aged and elderly people to supplement nutrition. However, it will be found that many elderly middle-aged and elderly people, with the weakening of gastrointestinal function, for ordinary cow and goat milk, the efficiency of gastrointestinal absorption of nutrients is not high, and even lactose intolerance occurs, you might as well try camel milk , such as Year Camel.

Suiyue Youtuo, a camel milk brand originally produced in Xinjiang, is the first choice for local people’s nutrition. The difference between Suiyue Youtuo and ordinary cow and goat milk is that the multiple nutritional molecules (lactose molecules and high-quality protein molecules) in it are smaller, so it is more conducive to gastrointestinal absorption for middle-aged and elderly people. Moreover, nutrients such as calcium, protein, amino acid, and multivitamins contained in Suiyue Youtuo are much higher than ordinary cow and goat milk.

Because of weak alkaline, Suiyue Youtuo tastes slightly salty, silky and more mellow. It is suitable for middle-aged and elderly people to have a cup in the morning. It is a double enjoyment for the tip of the tongue and the stomach.

The several delicious foods mentioned above that are suggested to be eaten frequently are both Nutritious and delicious food. But for middle-aged and elderly people who are more picky about nutrition, there are also many taboos.

Remind middle-aged and elderly people: eat less of these two types of food

1. High-salt food

< p>Some middle-aged and elderly people have strong tastes and like to eat foods with high salt content, such as various pickled vegetables, bacon and so on. Although these foods are convenient to eat and delicious, they are extremely high in salt. Excessive intake of salt by middle-aged and elderly people will have a certain impact on bone health and will accelerate bone calcium loss.

2. Sweets

Sweets are delicious not only for children, but also for Even older people can’t put it down. For example, some chicken cakes, various pies, etc., are soft and delicious. However, these foods contain too much sugar, which will seriously affect the body’s metabolism, and symptoms such as obesity will appear over time.

Now that the weather is getting colder and colder, I still don’t know how to “winter supplement” for middle-aged and elderly people? Hurry up and share today’s beautiful article with your friends~