The exercise with the highest fat burning is not running, but jumping jacks! What are the benefits of sticking to jumping jacks?

What exercise would you choose to lose weight? Many people will choose to run, but I want to tell you: the exercise with the highest fat-burning efficiency is not running, but jumping jacks.

What benefits can you get if you insist on jumping jacks? Let’s take a look:

1. As a self-weight training, jumping jacks can be completed in a trivial time, not affected by the weather, more direct and convenient . You can practice at home, and it only takes 10 minutes each time to achieve the effect of jogging for half an hour, which is suitable for busy people.

2. Jumping can exercise the limbs, waist and abdominal muscles, and drive the whole body muscles to participate in the exercise together. It can quickly increase the heart rate, let the body enter the fat burning state, and let you Slim down evenly, improve obesity problems, and shape a slim body.

3. Jumping jumps are a high-interval training exercise. Compared with running, jumping jumps will not cause muscle loss, and can burn fat at the same time Exercise the muscles and achieve the purpose of shaping.

If you have a lot of fat on your waist and abdomen, jogging at a constant speed cannot lose the remaining fat in your abdomen. , While burning body fat, it can tear the abdominal muscles, increase the muscle dimension, and make the lower abdomen firmer.


4. If you are sedentary due to work and don’t have much time to exercise , it is better to use the rest time to do a set of jumping jacks, which can promote blood circulation, activate body muscles, improve back pain and muscle strain problems caused by sedentary sitting, and effectively improve the health index.

If you tend to accumulate negative emotions and have nowhere to release them, why not do a set of jumping jumps, jumping jumps can promote the body to secrete dopamine, drive away anxiety, depression, and pessimism Waiting for emotions, you will find that although you are sweating profusely after jacking training, you are very happy, and your mood will improve.

When you see this, you still underestimate the jacking training benefit?

For novices, they insist on opening and closing jumps for no more than 2 minutes. It is recommended that you take a group of 1-2 minutes and rest for 2-3 minutes. Minutes, and then start a new round of jumping training, each time 5-6 groups, you can achieve a good exercise effect.

However, it is not recommended for people with too much weight base to practice jumping jumps, because during jumping training, the knee joints will bear 2-3 times the pressure of their body weight.

Therefore, a large number of people are not suitable for jumping. It is recommended that you start with low-intensity exercises such as brisk walking, square dancing, swimming, and cycling, and then lose weight Try jumping jacks.