Develop these good habits to create an easy-to-thin physique and keep you in an age-defying posture

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Why do some people get fat like balloons after graduation and look like aunts and uncles, while a few people maintain the body and vitality of students? Different living and eating habits will affect a person’s body shape and health.

Blogger From high school to now 32 years old, I have maintained a figure of 90 catties, which is due to my usual self-discipline. If you can develop these good habits, I believe that the body that is easy to lose weight will also patronize you!

Habit 1. I like to sleep, but I don’t like to stay up late. The sleep time is about 9 hours a day. Sufficient sleep is conducive to the recovery of body functions, and the secretion of leptin will be more vigorous. During the day, you will be full of energy and will not feel sleepy. Naturally, you can maintain a strong metabolic level and consume more calories. For the development of lean physique.

Habit 2, never eat to support yourself, any food is enough. Our stomach capacity is elastic. When you always eat to support yourself and overeat, the stomach capacity will gradually increase, the food intake will gradually increase, and the calories will become obsolete.

In the long run, the body will gradually gain weight. If you slow down your eating speed and eat 80% full, your stomach capacity will gradually shrink, your food intake will decrease, and your body will naturally lose weight.

Habit 3. Have your own sports hobbies. Now many people go out to take a taxi or drive by themselves, and they will feel tired after walking a few more steps. And long-term inactivity will only accelerate the aging of the body, the metabolism of physical activity will decrease, and the body will easily gain weight.

For the sake of health and anti-aging, the blogger insists on exercising more than 3 times a week, such as jogging, jackpots, aerobics, playing ball, swimming and other sports , choose the sports you are interested in, so that it is easier to stick to it.

Habit 4. Eat less sweets. All kinds of processed sweets have a very high sugar content, which will directly promote the synthesis of fat, make you fat and accelerate skin oxidation at the same time, making you prone to acne and rough skin.

If you can quit all kinds of sweets such as milk tea, cola, popcorn, biscuits, and cakes for a period of time, you will find that your skin condition has improved and you will lose weight faster Also faster.