How can a business be strong? Look at Wang Jianlin’s management method and you will have the answer

No matter the country or the enterprise, we must uphold one principle, that is, “no rules, no rules”. Today I want to talk about a company and its leader, a leader in the industry that other companies and individuals can learn from, Wanda Group and its chairman Wang Jianlin. Especially Wang Jianlin, he attaches great importance to corporate management. He has a military background and has infinite personal charm of being vigorous and courageous, which is also subtly affecting Wanda’s corporate culture.

Rules and regulations are an important part of corporate culture. Wang Jianlin attaches great importance to spiritual culture, Construction of institutional culture and behavioral culture. As a well-known large-scale private enterprise in China, Wanda Group has always been a leader in the industry, and Wanda’s current success is inseparable from Wang Jianlin’s wise leadership.

Wang Jianlin has gone from the small goal of 100 million in the past to the sale of his assets, and then to today’s magnificent transformation. Only Wang Jianlin knows the hardships behind it. If you have read the interview with Wang Jianlin and his entrepreneurial history, you will also be fascinated by his military temperament. He manages 130,000 Wanda employees by himself. His management methods and his book “Wanda Philosophy” are worth learning and pondering for all entrepreneurs.

Wanda Group attaches great importance to system construction. There are more than 2 million words. Although there are many systems, the management is very simple. For example, for new employees, as long as they follow the system, they can do a good job. This is Wang Jianlin’s great wisdom in management.

The management system is useful for employees on the one hand; Another aspect is not to give employees the opportunity to make mistakes. Wang Jianlin once said more than ten years ago, “You don’t rely on loyalty, you rely on the system.” The loyalty of the enterprise, and the system design must be based on not trusting anyone, so that risks can be avoided to a large extent.

Why can’t many companies become bigger and stronger? It is because the rewards and punishments are not clear, and it is impossible to mobilize the enthusiasm of employees. In contrast, Wanda has a strict rewards and punishments system, without empathy. Everyone must act according to the system, and leaders must lead by example. .

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Wang Jianlin was born in the army, so Wanda under his leadership is also extraordinary, a The corporate culture of an excellent enterprise is also extraordinary, which is the management method of Wang Jianlin’s great wisdom.