The elderly “nutrition anxiety” always buy health care products? Just eat three meals a day!

Family groups often have “shock! Discovery of body mysteries”, “Disease truth investigation”, “A certain health product cures diabetes” ” and other eye-catching reprinted articles, the original group of “love each other’s family” seems to have become a “senior health care discussion group”.

Why are these unreliable “health knowledge” like small advertisements on telephone poles popular among elders? In fact, this is related to the “nutrition anxiety” of many elderly people. Some elderly people think that they are getting old and cannot keep up with their nutrition, so they often go to buy various nutritional and health care products.

What should I do in the face of the “nutritional anxiety” of the elderly at home? p>

To resolve the “nutritional anxiety” of the elderly,

from Eat three meals a dayStart.


1Possible nutritional problems in the elderly

and high-spirited youth In contrast, the organ function of the elderly will decline to different degrees, such as the decline of digestion and absorption capacity, the decline of heart and brain function, the sluggish sensory response of vision, hearing, taste, etc., muscle atrophy, reduction of lean body tissue, etc. These changes will be obvious It affects the ability of the elderly to ingest, digest and absorb food, making them prone to malnutrition, anemia, osteoporosis, abnormal weight and muscle loss, and greatly increasing the risk of chronic diseases.

2reasonable arrangement of three meals a day for the elderly strong>

In order to avoid insufficient food intake and nutritional deficiencies, we should reasonably design the diet of the elderly. Three meals a day for the elderly should do the following:

Source: Popular Science China

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