Prostate disease, urine prophet? These 4 abnormalities in male urination are dangerous signs

When it comes to the prostate, I believe that most of the male compatriots are familiar with it. Our human urethra passes through the middle of the prostate glands and guards the upper urethra. Once the prostate changes, it will inevitably affect urination. Therefore, urination is caused by the prostate. external performance.

As the age continues to increase, if men have more frequent urination and longer time, such abnormal urination problems may be caused by prostate problems. In addition, pain when urinating, involuntary urine flow, dripping, or obstacles in married life are all signs of prostate disease.

If the urination time exceeds this number, hurry up and check the prostate

Scientists from the Georgia Institute of Technology in the United States have used animals as experimental subjects. Although the urine output is different, ranging from a few milliliters to dozens of liters, the urination time is 21±13 seconds.

Usually the bladder capacity is about 300~400ml, and the urination rate of adult males is 15ml/1 second, so the normal time for each urination should be about 30 seconds. If urination lasts for more than 60 seconds, you should observe whether there are other symptoms during urination, such as dysuria, incomplete urination, interrupted urination, dysuria, frequent urination, difficulty urinating, etc.

If these phenomena occur in “urine”, prostatitis cannot go away

< strong>1. Tingling or pain

Due to the inflammation of the prostate, it is continuously stimulated by inflammation, resulting in local tingling and pain, sometimes pain It can be radiated to the lower back and perineum.

2. Urinary incontinence

Because too much urine remains in the bladder, inflammation can Stimulates the bladder, impairs bladder control, and can easily lead to incontinence, which is uncontrolled leakage of urine.

3. Abnormal urination

Patients with prostatitis experience abnormal urination, including painful urination , Increased frequency of urination, urgency, and difficulty urinating.

How can men protect the prostate?

1. Avoid sitting for a long time

The prostate is most afraid of sitting. The seat will repeatedly squeeze the prostate, promote prostate congestion, induce prostate inflammation, and increase the probability of prostate hyperplasia over time. Therefore, you should not ride for too long at one time, and the riding time should be controlled within 30 minutes; you should stand up for activities every hour, such as walking or stretching, to reduce the pressure on the prostate.

2. Adjust your diet

Eat tomatoes, watermelon and grapefruit appropriately, among which Contains lycopene, which can reduce prostate-specific antigen values. At the same time, eat more nuts and fresh vegetables, which contain antioxidants, which can scavenge free radicals and avoid oxidative damage to the prostate. Stay away from foods that can irritate the prostate and urethra, including cigarettes, alcohol, peppers and mustard. These substances can cause prostate congestion and swelling, increase prostate discomfort, and weaken prostate disease resistance.

3. Drink more water< /p>

Ensure that the daily urination volume reaches more than 2000 ml, about once an hour, which not only flushes the urethra, but also promotes the discharge of prostate secretions and reduces the number of prostate infections. Boiled water is the best choice, but you can also drink weak tea, mineral water, etc.

4. Can’t hold back

holding back will make the bladder over-filled, prostate It will inevitably be oppressed, hinder local blood circulation, lead to poor blood flow, cause prostate congestion and swelling, and in severe cases can damage ureters and kidneys, and even develop into urinary retention or renal failure, so it is absolutely necessary not to hold back urine.

5. Insist on doing levator ani exercise

The specific method of levator ani exercise is: When inhaling, forcefully contract the muscles around the anus, lift the anus and hold it for 3 seconds; when exhaling, let the anus relax, and repeat several times. Persistent levator ani exercise can promote blood circulation, reduce prostate congestion and inflammation, and improve symptoms of abnormal urination.

Message from the doctor

In general, male Protect the prostate gland from a young age. It is worth noting that the prostate cannot stand cold weather, so you should wear long-sleeved trousers when you stay in an air-conditioned room. The reason is that exposed to low temperature, the sympathetic nerve is abnormally excited, which promotes smooth muscle contraction and blocks the prostate duct, thereby inducing or aggravating prostatitis. .

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