The doctor who helps folks see CT for free…

“It’s a normal thing for me,

The sudden ‘red’ is surprising. ”

Author: Wang Zhening

Editor: Sui Kun

Recently, a video of a medical expert watching CT for the villagers while on vacation went viral.

In the video, the expert in casual clothes holds up a CT scan and looks at it intently. There were also several fellows who were carrying CTs around him, and they seemed to be lining up.

A sharp-eyed netizen recognized the expert as Liao Zhengyin, the chief physician of the Cancer Center of West China Hospital of Sichuan University. He has been a doctor for 31 years and has devoted himself to minimally invasive interventional treatment of liver cancer, lung cancer and other malignant tumors.

This video was shot in Liao Zhengyin’s hometown, Shuanggu Town, Rong County, Zigong City, Sichuan Province. According to the photographer of the video, every time when Liao Zhengyin returns home during the festival, many villagers ask him to help him watch CT.

On the morning of October 9, a reporter from “Global People” contacted Liao Zhengyin. Facing the interview, he said with a smile: “I’m a doctor in Huaxi. I have a lot of knowledge. I can help the villagers if I can. So every time I go home, I will help to watch the film. It’s a very common thing, but it’s quite unexpected to suddenly become ‘red’.”

“I’m there and I can help”

As for the video that made Liao Zhengyin “popular”, he could not remember the shooting time, but only remembered that it “probably happened on the Dragon Boat Festival this year”. At the time, he was returning home to visit his 96-year-old mother.

It is not a whim to help the villagers see CT, but since I was admitted to the medical school, I have persisted for decades. Whenever he goes home to visit relatives during the holiday, free “consultation” will always become his routine: free consultation, no means of treatment.

Liao Zhengyin will provide suggestions and solutions when encountering problems in his professional field. When encountering problems in other professional fields, he will “point the way” and try to let the villagers avoid detours.

Liao Zhengyin smiled and said to the reporter: “The villagers know me and trust me. When they go to see a doctor and see a doctor, they will come to see me too.”

·Liao Zhengyin talks about accidental “popularity”.

In the eyes of the villagers, Liao Zhengyin is a professional and patient man.

According to the photographer’s recollection: “In the past, when the villagers troubled him, they would always bring some souvenirs, but they were all rejected. Over time, everyone knew that it was enough to go to him directly.” I understand Liao Zhengyin’s hard work and will not be disturbed by minor illnesses.

It is inseparable from Liao Zhengyin’s good professionalism to gain the trust of the villagers.

On the 30th New Year’s Eve in 2010, Liao Zhengyin rushed back to his hometown from Chengdu to celebrate the New Year, and it was 8 or 9 pm when he got home. However, before the New Year’s Eve dinner was over, he received a call from a relative for help, saying that a fellow villager had suddenly hemoptyated blood and was in critical condition.

Liao Zhengyin immediately changed his clothes and disappeared into the night of fireworks.

That night, he rushed back to the hospital overnight to perform surgery on this fellow, and it was three or four in the morning when he returned home again.

Recalling these now, he has no complaints, but remembers that “if he didn’t deal with it quickly at that time, I’m afraid it would be difficult for him to save his life”. Now this villager is living a happy life, which makes Liao Zhengyin happy.

In addition, Liao Zhengyin has also helped rescue children with high fever and provided advice to sick villagers. Speaking of all this, he said generously: “I am a native of the place, and I can help if I can.”

After becoming popular, some netizens objected to Liao Zhengyin’s behavior of helping villagers see CT scans and giving medical advice for free, saying that he “practices medicine illegally”, and some even questioned his “hype”.

To these voices, Liao Zhengyin responded: “It is not illegal to practice medicine without the treatment process. It is impossible to talk about ‘hype’, because I didn’t know it would be popular before the video was released. The world would be a better place if everyone could be kinder to others. I think that’s what most doctors do.”

Medical experts out of town

Liao Zhengyin’s choice to pursue medicine is inseparable from family influence. “There is a tradition of studying medicine at home. My grandfather is a Chinese medicine practitioner. Later, my father also became a prestigious barefoot doctor in the town.” He told reporters.

In high school, Liao Zhengyin was one of the top-ranked students in his class, and he aspired to a prestigious school. After the college entrance examination in 1985, he was admitted to the then national key medical university – West China Medical University. This caused quite a stir in Shuanggu Town.

When graduating from university, Liao Zhengyin stayed at the school with excellent grades and entered the imaging department of West China Hospital. This laid a solid foundation for his medical career.

“Huaxi has carried out research on interventional therapy very early, and the learning atmosphere is strong. Several directors have strict academic requirements and often lead me to research problems together.”

·Liao Zhengyin (data map)

After being guided by seniors, Liao Zhengyin studied medicine more diligently. In addition to work, he reads foreign literature every night to learn advanced medical concepts and knowledge.

“I was working in the imaging department at that time. From the head to the soles of the feet, I had to watch all the films, so the diseases of each part of the body, the general treatment direction and treatment methods, etc., I basically I understand.” Liao Zhengyin recalled.

In 2001, Liao Zhengyin went to the People’s Liberation Army General Hospital (301 Hospital) to study for a doctoral degree in interventional therapy, under the tutelage of Professor Zhang Jinshan. Zhang Jinshan was the first doctor of radiology in China and one of the pioneers of interventional medicine in China. Following Professor Zhang, he learned many cutting-edge medical technologies and broadened his medical thinking.

In 2013, Liao Zhengyin went to Hopkins Hospital as a visiting scholar. Crossing the ocean, he has two purposes: “First, to see what they are doing, and second, to see how our level is and what is the difference.”

·Liao Zhengyin (middle) with foreign doctors.

Liao Zhengyin has always had a sense of urgency in practicing medicine for many years. “There is still a lot to be summed up in China’s medical development. The Chinese are diligent, capable, and need more opportunities. I have spoken at international conferences many times, but it has not yet formed a scale. How can I attract more people’s attention? The development of medicine in China is also something I need to think about next.”

Benevolence of physicians: many can be reimbursed

Now, Liao Zhengyin holds several titles in the industry. Since last year, he has added another “fashionable” identity – a short video blogger.

The short video was originally suggested by Liao Zhengyin’s students. He also hopes to spread medical knowledge and positive energy, and teachers and students hit it off.

Different from medical popular science videos, Liao Zhengyin’s video materials are all derived from real consultation scenes.

In the video, patients often ask some specific questions, and Liao Zhengyin will answer them one by one. In the face of patients with pulmonary nodules, he would comfort “if it’s not serious, don’t be nervous, don’t take medicine indiscriminately, and don’t over-treat.” For patients with bile duct blockage, he will explain to their families “to deal with the blockage first, let the liver function After a lot of improvement, we will create an opportunity to treat the tumor.” He will patiently explain different treatment options when he consults tumor patients…

Occasionally, Liao Zhengyin also encounters patients and family members with mood swings. At that time he would listen to their stories silently, and then try to explain possible solutions to help them reduce their fears.

·Many patients or their families found Liao Zhengyin through the Internet.

In a video with 12,000 likes, a cholangiocarcinoma patient from a rural area came for help. “I participated in a clinical organization before, but after taking their medicine, it didn’t work, and the tumor continued to grow…”

Liao Zhengyin stretched out his hand and made a downward motion, saying, “Don’t worry.” But the patient’s emotions could not be controlled: “My baby is still small, (but I I know the situation) is a little serious, every dayI can’t sleep at night…” As he spoke, the patient was already weeping.

The family next to her continued: “Her waist hurts here.” After listening, Liao Zhengyin said to the patient, “I know that she has lymph node metastasis (cancer cells have metastasized to the lymph nodes). At present, the treatment is relatively complicated. The patient has failed clinical studies, and the chemotherapy has not progressed. There is a problem with the liver, and the food cannot be eaten. .”

After finishing speaking, Liao Zhengyin began to write the hospitalization certificate, but suddenly he raised his head and said, “A lot of them can be reimbursed.”

Liao Zhengyin is always so sharp.

The benevolence of doctors is Liao Zhengyin’s insistence for decades. “It’s all life-related issues, and I can do my best to make patients not despair and actively receive treatment.”

Through Liao Zhengyin’s short video, more people saw the real interview clips, and also learned the advanced concepts and treatment methods of various diseases. At present, Liao Zhengyin has nearly 300,000 fans on the short video platform.

Many netizens often share their feelings in the comment area.

On October 6, Liao Zhengyin released a video of “Giving a Birthday Gift to the Motherland”. In the video, he is wearing a surgical gown and is about to eat a work meal. He said: “There are 9 operations today, and I need to work overtime for the operation at noon without rest.”

Some netizens commented: “9 operations, 9 people’s hope, hard work, Dr. Liao!” “Your busyness has brought the patient’s hope.” “Protect yourself, don’t let I’m too tired.”

In addition to short video bloggers, Liao Zhengyin is also a teacher who teaches and solves problems.

Over the years, Liao Zhengyin has brought out batch after batch of students. One of the words he said to his students the most was “Ten years to sharpen a sword”, which is also his insight as a doctor. “Even if you can get full marks in school subjects, you can’t be considered a good doctor in the hospital. You must be diligent, see and practice more, and have rich clinical experience.”

One ​​year, Liao Zhengyin was invited to other schools to demonstrate vertebroplasty surgery. After some students observed him, they followed him to the West China Hospital to study as a teacher. Today, the student has become the director of the oncology department of a hospital and is very grateful to Liao Zhengyin.

Enthusiastic about villagers, enthusiastic about patients, and enthusiastic about students, this is Liao Zhengyin. In his view, to be a good doctor, a solid foundation is crucial, but moral concepts are the most important.

At the end of the interview, he told reporters: “The duty of a doctor is to treat and save people. If you give and treat others sincerely, others will repay you. Use a kind heart and do your best. Help others.”

Supervisor: Lv Hong

Producer: Zhang Jiankui

Editor-in-Chief: Xu Chenjing

Editor: Rui Su