The doctor warned: Many people take the 3 kinds of traditional Chinese medicine as health care products, be careful it will backfire! stop now

The doctor warned that many people take the 3 kinds of traditional Chinese medicine as health products. In fact, they are not suitable for long-term use. If you are still taking them, you should stop quickly

At present, there are many medicines in China, but they are mainly divided into health care medicines and therapeutic medicines. Health care medicines cannot achieve the effect of treatment, but can only enhance the body’s immunity, improve the body’s resistance, and prevent the body from suffering to the affliction of disease. But therapeutic medicines are completely different, and therapeutic medicines can only be used to treat some specific diseases, so the two are completely different, but neither health products nor therapeutic medicines are suitable for long-term use.

People often say Western medicine treats the symptoms, while traditional Chinese medicine cures the root cause. Many older people have the habit of drinking Chinese medicine for a long time. Although Chinese medicine is bitter, many elderly people believe that drinking Chinese medicine for a long time can regulate the body and make the body healthier. In fact, traditional Chinese medicine cannot be taken as traditional Chinese medicine for a long time, otherwise it will not only fail to achieve the effect of regulating the body, but may also lead to worse physical condition, especially the four kinds of traditional Chinese medicine must not be taken for a long time.

Governing medicine

Governing medicine is a very common traditional Chinese medicine. Most Chinese medicines can achieve the effect of treating diseases, but most of them cannot be used for a long time Taking the medicine is one of them, because the medicine will cause great stimulation to the stomach and cause excessive gastric acid secretion. If you take the medicine for a long time, it will lead to gastrointestinal bleeding and damage to the gastric mucosa. It will have a great impact on the body.

Not only In this way, if the human body ingests a large amount of the drug for a long time, the body will develop drug resistance, and the therapeutic effect of the drug will become worse and worse. When the body actually develops a disease, the drug will completely lose its therapeutic effect. There will be big problems in the body, which is very detrimental to health.


Gunpowder is a common traditional Chinese medicine. Many elderly people have the habit of taking gunpowder after getting angry. They think it can reduce the anger in the body and make the body more healthy. In fact, gunpowder will stimulate the gastrointestinal tract, resulting in excessive gastric acid secretion, and at the same time, it will increase the burden on the gastrointestinal tract. In severe cases, vomiting, constipation, loss of appetite, and even gastric ulcers may occur. The consequences Unbelievable.

According to relevant research, Long-term consumption of gunpowder will lead to abnormal platelet coagulation function. Once this problem occurs, there is a high probability that it will cause cardiovascular blockage or cardiovascular bleeding. Although it is not a good phenomenon for the body to be on fire for a long time, it cannot Taking gunpowder for a long time will have a very serious impact on your health.

Activating blood medicine

Up After getting older, blood vessel blockage has become a common situation, so many people will choose blood-activating drugs. Blood-activating drugs can indeed achieve the effect of unblocking blood vessels, but blood-activating drugs contain a lot of iron, and long-term use will also cause stomach acid in the body Excessive secretion, not entering ash, will lead to increased cholesterol, and will also lead to aggravation of the disease.

In short, the above The three traditional Chinese medicines cannot be used as health care products, otherwise they will have a great impact on the health of the body, and may even lead to some adverse diseases, with disastrous consequences.

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