Have you heard the “rumor” of “4 do not eat” in the vegetable market? Experts give answers and uncover the truth

Have you heard these 4 “rumors” about the vegetable market? Are the four things really inedible? Experts give answers and uncover the truth! With the improvement of people’s living standards, people’s requirements for food are not limited to big fish and meat, but to eat greener, healthier, and pay more attention to the quality and safety of food.

In fact, everyone is more and more aware of food safety, which is a good thing, but we can’t listen to the wind evenly, because some people once said something Food is poisonous and dirty, so everyone kept a respectful distance from these foods at that time, but is this really the case?

Rumor 1: Heavy metals in mushrooms exceed the standard, do not eat

There was a time when everyone It is said that mushrooms can absorb heavy metals and cause excessive consumption of heavy metals, which is not good for the body, but is this really the case? It has to be said that mushrooms do have the ability to absorb minerals. However, mushrooms that are generally sold on the market will be inspected and tested by formal institutions. If heavy metals exceed the standard, they are not allowed to be sold.

Whether heavy metals in mushrooms exceed the standard depends on the cultivation soil, if the heavy metals in the soil do not exceed the standard, then mushrooms will not absorb a large amount of heavy metals . Now the cultivation level of mushrooms is becoming more and more scientific. Not only will heavy metals not exceed the standard, but it will also prevent mushrooms from absorbing harmful heavy metals.

In general, if you buy mushrooms through formal channels, there will be no possibility of heavy metals exceeding the standard, unless some people go up the mountain to pick them by themselves or at vendors without business licenses It’s hard to say if you buy it in your hand.

Rumor 2: There are toxins harmful to human body in water spinach?

There is a legend that the growth environment of water spinach is very dirty, and there will be a lot of beetles. How can eating this kind of food be good for the body?

In fact, the growth environment of water spinach is not as bad as everyone said, and water spinach needs hydroponics, and the requirements for water quality are also very high , if it is true that water spinach grows in mud, as everyone said, and the water is particularly dirty, then water spinach cannot grow at all.

The rumors stop at the wise, the content of protein and vitamin C in water spinach is relatively high, and the heavy metals in water spinach grown in a normal environment cannot exceed the standard.

Of course, the problem of pesticide residues that everyone is concerned about does not only appear in water spinach. Many vegetables now use pesticides, but most of the pesticides used in vegetables are water-soluble Yes, so as long as there are enough vegetables to buy home, there will be no problem of pesticide residues after washing them with water.

Rumor 3: Pig liver is full of toxins?

Pork liver is the detoxification organ of pigs, so many people do not recommend or dare to eat pork liver. The main concern is that there are more toxins in the pig liver. Eating it in the human body will cause some harm to the human body, but is it true?< /p>

Whether there will be toxin residues in pork liver is mainly determined by the processing method. Buy fresh pork liver, wash it carefully during cleaning and processing, and fully cook it Naturally, there will be no toxins and microbial residues, so everyone can eat with confidence, and the nutritional content of pork liver is very high, which can nourish blood and nourish blood. Girls can eat a little bit appropriately.

Strawberries are rich in vitamins, eating more can improve the body’s immunity. It is recommended that you can eat some properly at ordinary times, which is good for your body.