After the age of 50, you feel pain all over your body and your fingers are swollen? Do 3 points to take care of your body

Many people suffer from physical pain in their lives, especially after the age of 50, they feel pain all over their body, and sometimes their fingers are swollen. Most people find these special signs I always get nervous, thinking that there is a disease developing, so I go to the hospital for relevant examinations, but sometimes no cause can be found after various examination items are completed. What is the reason for this situation?

It is reasonable to say that there are bad symptoms in the body, and most of them go to the hospital for examination You can find out the cause of the disease, and then choose the appropriate treatment method according to the condition of the disease. Among them, pain all over the body, and the reasons for swollen fingers are relatively complicated, many people think It is caused by joint or bone lesions, but no conclusion can be drawn after examination.

Actually, this change is likely due to the appearance ofHeberden’s nodes span>. swollen fingers, deformity, and body pain are common symptoms during the development of Hebbel’s nodules.

As a sign of osteoarthritis, Menopausal women, after the age of 50, the prevalence rate is significantly higher, and there will be nodular changes during the development of the disease, At the fingertips at the far end of the finger, the degeneration of cartilage in the joints is accelerated, and the gap between the joints becomes narrow, accompanied by bony hypertrophy, so there will be various discomforts. Only by finding out the real cause and treating it in a reasonable way can it improve as soon as possible.

How to maintain the body properly?

1. Healthy eating

If you are over 50 years old and want to maintain your body and prevent diseases, you should maintain a healthy eating habit and focus on supplementing the nutrients you need. Understanding what is most likely to be lacking after the age of 50 and which substances will be lost can enhance immune function and reduce the prevalence of various diseases with the help of reasonable access to nutrients.

Among themCalcium, vitamins and protein cannot be deficient. Protein is the material basis of human life activities. Ensuring sufficient protein intake can enhance immunity. AndEffective calcium supplementation can strengthen bones and reduce the prevalence of osteoporosis. There are many types of vitamins, which can meet the body’s needs for various vitamins. In addition to anti-aging, you can also Enhance immunity, thus preventing many diseases.

2. Keep exercising

Maintain good exercise Get used to it, don’t be lazy for a long time, don’t like sports, this is the way to promote health. Many people have the misunderstanding that they should not exercise regularly when they are old, otherwise it will accelerate the wear and tear of bones and degeneration, so they would rather stay at home and recuperate.

Actually, if you control the exercise intensity well, choose the exercise that suits you at the right time, you will find that the body’s metabolism and circulation are maintained after exercise , and also regulate endocrine to a certain extent, resist aging, and gain various benefits. If you continue to have no exercise, your condition will get worse and worse, and some diseases will invade.

3. Regular schedule

Adjusting your personal schedule and getting enough sleep every day is the key to staying away from diseases. Proper work and rest can rest multiple organs. Among them, if the brain wants to delay aging and the liver needs to improve its function, it is inseparable from work and rest.

Of course, going to bed early and getting up early every day and sleeping regularly can also maintain endocrine stability, so that various hormones can be secreted normally to participate in physiological functions, and can also Effectively fight against aging and promote health after improving immunity.