The “cough medicine” licorice tablets are effective, why is the purchase restricted? harm you may not know

Cough is not a disease in essence, it is a mechanism for the self-protection of the human lungs. Coughing can expel secretions and foreign bodies in the human respiratory tract.

But at the same time, coughing is also one of the symptoms of the disease, whether it is a chronic disease, acute respiratory infectious disease or cancer, it may cause When a cough occurs, in most cases it is an upper respiratory tract infection or pneumonia. Many people will choose to take the medicine “Licorice Tablets” immediately.

A few yuan a bottle of Chinese patent medicine, the effect is very significant, even if there are many cough medicines, people are more inclined to licorice tablets , but have you noticed that licorice tablets are no longer sold.


The efficacy and function of licorice tablets

Cough and phlegm

In clinical practice, licorice tablets Not only does it contain licorice, but it also contains camphor, sodium benzoate and other ingredients. After entering the human body, licorice can be applied to the throat, cover the local sensory nerves in the inflamed part, and reduce the inflammation of the swallowing and breathing at the end. Stimulate, so it achieves the effect of relieving cough.

Replenishing qi and strengthening the spleen

From the point of view of traditional Chinese medicine, licorice is flat in nature and sweet in taste. The medicine has the effect of invigorating qi and benefiting the spleen.


Licorice contains opioids, commonly known as opium, which has the effect of analgesia and anesthesia, and licorice tablets can also relieve pain, but opioids are dependent, and long-term use can easily lead to addiction.


“Cough medicine” licorice tablets are effective, why is the purchase restricted? You may not be aware of the danger

The reason why the purchase is restricted is mainly because it contains a variety of ingredients , Eating too much and eating for a long time is easy to become addicted. Each compound licorice tablet contains almost: Licorice extract powder 112.5 mg, opium powder 4 mg, camphor 2 mg, star anise oil 2 mg, sodium benzoate 2 mg.

The so-called opioid powder is an opioid receptor drug extracted from poppy fruit, The biggest side effect is addiction Sex, especially in the case of high doses or long-term use, has a high probability of addiction.

So in clinical medicine, the dose and time of use of compound licorice tablets should be strictly controlled, especially Can not be used in children, so as to avoid adverse consequences caused by breathing and addiction.

Many people Symptoms such as cold sweat, runny nose, yawning, and even anxiety and irritability will appear after taking the licorice tablet, and it often takes 2 to 3 months to return to normal. The prescription of Compound Licorice Tablets should not exceed 7 days’ usage.

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Note: Licorice tablets cannot be used with these drugs!< /p>

Other antitussives

Compound licorice tablet itself has Zhang Li’s cough medicine, if it is added with other cough medicines, it may lead to overdose and even cause other related problems.< /p>

Aspirin, Salicyl Acid

Glycyrrhizic acid in licorice tablets can effectively promote gastric acid secretion and reduce gastric mucus The secretion stimulates the gastric mucosa. If it is matched with this type of drug, it will virtually increase the incidence of gastric ulcer.

Antihypertensive drugs

The licorice flow in the licorice tablets can cause pseudo-hyperaldosteronism and increase the blood pressure of the human body, so when taking licorice tablets, it is not allowed to take antihypertensive drugs Take it together to avoid affecting the efficacy of the medicine, and patients with high blood pressure should be more cautious.

In order to better solve the disease during the safe period, it is recommended that you consult a professional physician before taking any medicine. Instead of blindly buying and using medicines.