Reminder: Formaldehyde may be hidden in 5 kinds of vegetables, it is not easy to wash off, don’t buy the whole bag at home

With the improvement of living conditions, people pay more and more attention to health preservation. Green leafy vegetables are common food on the table. Green leafy vegetables contain many nutrients that are beneficial to human health, including After vitamins, minerals, and amino acids enter the human body, they can activate the activity of human immune cells and improve physical fitness.

Whether it is the elderly or children at home, eating more green leafy vegetables can promote physical development. Foods that are good for the human body. However, the shelf life of green leafy vegetables is not long. Many merchants add a lot of formaldehyde to vegetables in order to prolong their freshness.

This situation leads to the destruction of the nutritional structure of green leafy vegetables, and at the same time breeds more harmful substances to the body, so In life, we must learn to distinguish.

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What is formaldehyde?

Formaldehyde is a harmful chemical, also known as methylene, Formaldehyde. This is a colorless, harmful gas with a pungent odor. Formaldehyde can be dissolved in a gas containing ethanol or water.

Formaldehyde is widely used in daily life, including chemical products, preservatives, textiles, wood, etc. etc. Of course, other products also contain formaldehyde.

Many people only know that formaldehyde can endanger human health Cause discomfort, but helplessly but forced to eat some formaldehyde.

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Reminder: Formaldehyde may be hidden in 5 kinds of vegetables, it is not easy to remove after washing, so don’t make the whole bag

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In winter, people prefer to eat vermicelli, pork, and Chinese cabbage, especially when the family is together, not only delicious, but also healthy You can also feel the warmth and the atmosphere is very good.

My friends prefer to prepare vermicelli at home in advance, but those who don’t know will find it when eating vermicelli The taste of these vermicelli is very bad, and if they are left in the pot for a long time, such vermicelli must be greasy. In order to increase their profits, many businesses will evenly increase the shelf life of the vermicelli and seltzer, and soak them in a relatively low concentration of formaldehyde. It is not unusual to eat.

Enoki mushroom

Many people like to eat Flammulina velutipes, and prefer to use Flammulina velutipes to make soup, not only tastes smooth, but also nutritious The value is high. If I tell you that Flammulina velutipes contains formaldehyde, would you still dare to eat it?

The longer the enoki mushrooms are stored, the greater the amount of formaldehyde, especially the enoki mushrooms in bags. Note, so we usually buy fresh Flammulina velutipes.

Baby dishes

< p data-track="18">Baby cabbage is equivalent to a reduced version of Chinese cabbage. It tastes crisp and is loved by people, but the leaves of baby cabbage will gradually shrink after long-term storage.

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In order to increase the shelf life of baby vegetables, the store will spray a layer of formaldehyde on the surface of baby vegetables to prevent baby vegetables from shrinking, which can also increase sales. Healthy, it is best not to buy.

No root bean sprouts< /span>

There are two types of bean sprouts: rooted and rootless. Most people like to be clean and will choose rootless bean sprouts, which look white It is soft and soft. There is a saying that the more beautiful the thing is, the more poisonous it is. In fact, these rootless bean sprouts are soaked in allyl dolor by unscrupulous traders.

So when buying bean sprouts, it is best to choose rooted ones, which grow freely with the seasons and do not contain harmful substances. If you often eat such bean sprouts, you can better Avoid affecting your health.

Garlic moss

Garlic moss is a common vegetable on the table, whether it is scrambled eggs or fried Lean meat is delicious, and the sales volume of garlic moss is generally higher than that of other vegetables, and the price is also expensive.

In order to better extend the preservation period of garlic moss, many merchants will rub a layer of formaldehyde on the surface of garlic moss, Avoid vegetables from rotting during transportation.

Formaldehyde will produce a pungent smell in high concentrations, so you can smell it when you buy vegetables It is easy to tell when you smell it. If you are really worried, you can try some methods to remove formaldehyde. You can soak these vegetables in clean water for 10-15 minutes to dilute most of the formaldehyde. Or put a little edible salt in the water, and the edible alkali will kill the bacteria, and the anti-virus effect will be better.