Shocking: In order to avoid cancer in ten years, you must do these five things immediately

Shocking numbers:In 2018, the number of new cases of malignant tumors in Beijing was 52,905, with an incidence rate of 386.87/100,000, an annual average of 10 years The percentage change was 2.30%, showing an upward trend, especially the incidence of thyroid cancer and colorectal cancer increased significantly;

After reading these data, have you worried about your family and yourself?

If cancer was just a Tumors are easy to deal with, so we made a big mistake in medicine in the past, that is, we only saw this tumor, and then thought about how to kill it, so we cut it off with surgery and detoxified it with chemotherapy , use radiation to irradiate it, burn it, anyway, use various methods to kill it, and then the more the medicine is used, the more serious it is, and it really kills it, the cancer cells die, and the person dies.

This is where we The biggest mistake made in medicine is that it is not singular, it has to be considered whole.

One , Eat more grains-maintain the normal function of the spleen

Whole grains for three meals a day must account for more than 50% of the total diet, and this habit must be developed.

Miscellaneous grains are red beans, soybeans, mung beans, Job’s tears, etc., these are miscellaneous grains, and lotus seeds are also very good. With this concept, the spleen is healthy and the liver is healthy. The spleen is responsible for hematopoiesis, and there are two important times in a day, namely midnight and noon. So you have to rest when you should.

Using sleep every day During time, the spleen collects blood and sends it to the liver for detoxification. After detoxification, the clean blood is sent to the heart, and the heart is sent to the whole body. What is the purpose? Every place where it is delivered can get nutrition and health.

Unfortunately In modern times, many people have spleen problems first.

There is only one way To nourish the spleen, five grains are the most nourishing for the spleen, but why do modern people have such a poor spleen and so many diseases in their bodies? Because I don’t eat whole grains, I eat hamburgers, fried chicken, steaks, French fries, I finally eat a little rice, and I eat white rice, so you must eat whole grains, primitive grains, such as brown rice. As far as the overall eating habits are concerned, once you can make adjustments and eat grains, the function of the spleen can be restored.

Two , The more you sleep, the more tired you are-a warning sign of liver problems

Most people nowadays have bad liver, why not? Going to bed late, eating fried food, and bad temper are the three nemesis of the liver. Oil in the liver, you eat oily things, the oil covers the whole liver, and the function of the liver is completely lost, so we can’t eat too much oil. Fat is not good for the body. So when we feel unwell or in pain, it means we need to change—protect your liver.

Fat is not just fat. The key is pesticide residues in food, various toxic and toxic particles in the PM2.5 air, trans fats, bulking agents, various chemical additives, serious pesticide residues, heavy metal particles… These toxins are mostly fat-soluble, not only Deposited in fat, it also causes the metabolism of the whole body to become sick. Sub-health symptoms such as heavy body, sluggish response, poor sleep, inability to recover from fatigue after waking up, and three highs are often the first signs.

Three , Defecation on time – restore the large intestine defecation function

If you often feel tired and have liver problems, you should rest earlier. Every morning, you find it difficult to go to the toilet. Going to the toilet is like fighting a war with the toilet. Really poor! What does this mean?

Your body fiber The amount of intake is completely insufficient. Healthy people poop out, each about two or three centimeters in diameter, and when it comes out, it is a “squeaky” one, 30 to 45 centimeters long. If you put it on the ground, it can turn around and still Smoking, not only that, smell, and vanilla. why? Because the poison has been removed, you don’t feel that the cow dung smells like vanilla, but the current cow dung is very smelly, because the food the cows eat is also messy, and the cows are given antibiotics.

If you go to the bathroom Difficulty, what does this mean? The root of all diseases starts from the abnormal excretion of your large intestine. If your large intestine is in good condition, you should not wake up by yourself every morning, but be awakened by the peristalsis of the large intestine. The peristalsis of the large intestine is calling you, why? Because 5 to 7 o’clock is the most active time for the large intestine, so why do we tell cancer patients to go to bed at 9 o’clock, and diabetes is also the same. Most people should go to bed before 11 o’clock, because your large intestine will naturally wriggle from 6 o’clock to 7 o’clock in the morning , Woke you up and squatted on the toilet.

How many meals to eat each day Just defecate a few times, so how many times do you have to go to the toilet a day? Please remember that if you go to the toilet once every four or five days, it is called severe constipation; if you go to the toilet once every two or three days, it is called moderate constipation; if you go to the toilet once a day, it is called mild constipation.

What is the best Healthy, most normal? It is to go to the toilet several times a day after eating a few meals. This is called health, and every time you sit down, it will be resolved in two or three minutes. Take a look again, the rows are so neat, and after wiping with toilet paper, there is no poop, and it is clean. I think some people are very pitiful, and they can’t wipe clean with more than a dozen sheets of toilet paper, so this kind of people don’t need to wipe it, just flush it with water. Because of the severe lack of cellulose in his body. If these toxins cannot be excreted normally, food will enter the body for 12 hours and if it is not excreted, toxins will be formed.

Because toxins are not excreted Go, our large intestine wall will absorb this toxin, and after absorption, it will be sent back to the liver through the portal vein, that’s terrible! Cause liver loss, this problem is very serious. Therefore, why the liver is not good is directly related to the large intestine. As long as the large intestine is unobstructed and the liver is healthy, the immune system will also recover, and the blood sent to the heart is clean, so it is not easy to suffer from any disease.

FOUR , Kidney daily maintenance – “prevention is better than cure”

The kidney is an important organ for metabolism, waste removal and detoxification of the body. The blood of the whole body passes through every hour The kidneys work 20 times, and the metabolic waste in the blood is filtered through the kidneys into urine and excreted from the body. Kidney dysfunction can cause back pain, edema, uremia in the blood, high blood pressure, inflammation of the urethra, fatigue, insomnia, tinnitus, hair loss, blurred vision, unresponsiveness, depression, fear, and even neurosis.

Anything that enters the body Toxins from drinks, food, air, and emotional stress all pass through the kidneys. If there are too many pollutants, the burden on the kidneys is too heavy. In the short term, blockage and inflammation may occur. In the long term, there will be various problems such as stones, function decline, and blood uncleanness. The most serious problem is to rely on artificial kidney dialysis to remove blood pollution, otherwise it will cause life-threatening. The daily maintenance of the kidneys is “prevention is better than cure”. Paying attention to health care and avoiding damage to the kidneys is the best policy. The main causes of kidney disorders are as follows:

1. Eating too much animal-based high-protein food, resulting in Too much uric acid overworks the kidneys.

2. Overworked, under too much pressure, without sufficient leisure.

3. Take western medicine, such as anti-inflammatory painkillers, antibiotics, etc.

4. Environmental pollution: water, soil, air, noise.

5. Drinking too much alcohol, coffee, soda, and cold drinks.

6. Wet and cold weather.

7. Not drinking enough water.

To protect the kidneys, we must reduce the above damage, drink plenty of water, eat (drink) more berries, Such as strawberry, cranberry (cranberry), blueberry, raspberry, watermelon, lemon and other fruits/juices. Intake of plant-based protein, regular exercise, light natural diet, adequate rest, cheerful mood, avoid cold in the waist, and often massage the waist with hands to achieve the effect of strengthening the kidney.

Five , Six ways to release stress

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Many people have felt the pressure of life, work, and even interpersonal relationships. If the pressure is handled properly, it will become a kind of motivation. Generate vitality. However, if the pressure persists, there is no way to relieve it. If the pressure continues to increase, it will cause serious problems in the adrenal glands and hormones, and cause immune system diseases. The problem is very serious. Most of the depressions come suddenly with a lot of pressure, and there is no way to transform them.

Stress comes from meeting We have encountered many difficulties, so we have to learn to change the difficulties. Cancer is most closely related to stress. Six months before getting cancer, almost all major stressful events occurred. When you feel stressed, learn to relax.

One is to change the way of breathing

< span>Breathing can affect the frequency of brain waves, the frequency of brain waves can affect the speed of heartbeat, and the speed of heartbeat can affect the tightness of muscles. That is to say, when you switch your breathing style, the musclesThe state of physical and emotional tension will be changed. This method has also treated patients with stuttering. You can also practice rubbing your hands yourself. If your eyes are tired, this method is very effective. It can help the whole person’s qi and blood become a circulatory backflow, and the physical strength and energy can be filled quickly.

The second effective way to relieve stress is exercise

Let your whole body vibrate or dance, which can quickly boost your spirits. It is best to have regular exercise, because exercise is the best way to relieve stress. In addition, walking barefoot on the grass every day can relieve stress, provided that it is not regarded as a regular part of life.

The third is sleep, sleep is a very good way

However, modern people generally do not sleep well. According to statistics from the Taiwan Medical Association, there are 5 million people in Taiwan relying on sleeping pills to fall asleep every day. Don’t press it on the abdomen, it will bear a lot of pressure. The best way is to put it on both sides with the palm facing up. The better the quality of sleep, the faster the stress will be released. But don’t wait until you are very tired before going to sleep, as it is easy to fall asleep; if you are very tired and can’t sleep well, it means that your liver has been severely damaged.

Four is Rest

Resting is different from sleeping. Resting means breaking away from the original work and changing a scene. For example, don’t eat at the original desk when you eat, try to bring lunch or prepare it from the company, don’t eat outside, it’s a waste of time, and there are many cancer foods outside. Try to bring bento to save time, eat according to my detox meal program, and after eating, set aside 15 minutes to do things that have nothing to do with work. For the rest of the time, do abdominal breathing and relax through breathing.

The fifth is diet, do not eat high-stress foods

Irritant foods are high-stress foods. The more you eat these foods, the sympathetic nerves will be hyperactive, and sometimes all the functions of the body will be stimulated to be on alert. What are high stress foods? Coke, soda, coffee, tea, alcohol, cigarettes, dairy products and meat products, etc. All meat, especially oil-treated meat, is the most stressful. What food makes you feel good? The most important foods are vegetables, fruits, and whole grains. One thing that can reduce stress is water. Drinking water can reduce stress, and drinking good water can release stress ((The World Health Organization found that more than 80% of diseases in the world are directly related to unclean water sources).

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The sixth way to release stress is to bask in the sun< /strong>

Sunlight is therapeutic Efficacy. A lotDepressed patients don’t like to bask in the sun. If you spend more time in the sun, your body’s antibodies will increase.