The consumer metaverse is still in its infancy, and the industrial metaverse is likely to succeed first

We may not be able to predict tomorrow’s metaverse, but what we build today will definitely become a part of tomorrow’s metaverse.

Image Source: Text Huiwang

Focusing on the hot metaverse, Fudan University School of Management’s 2022 “View” | Dialogue with Sci-Tech Innovation Figures Opening Lecture was held a few days ago. In the view of the participants, although commercial applications It is not yet ready, but the potential of this new track in the metaverse should not be missed. From the perspective of investment, digital people, cloud computing, digital content, social industry, and collaboration tools are worthy of attention, and the industrial metaverse is likely to achieve commercial success before the consumer metaverse.

Xu Zhengchuan, associate professor of the Department of Information Management and Business Intelligence, School of Management, Fudan University, said that Metaverse means an expanded virtual space, including eternal digital identities, more diversified and profound user interaction, and interactive , immersion, and collaboration features. In his opinion, the complete metaverse contains seven elements: earth, cloud space and computing power; door, the way to enter the metaverse, such as VR, AR, etc.; root, virtual human and digital human; sky, namely The creation and creativity of virtual people in the cloud space constitutes digital products, voice terminals, and creative works; sea, that is, IoT+data-driven+AI, the connection between virtual people is formed, data is generated after social activities, and data is retained to form The huge sea of ​​data can drive AI; the treasure is the financial system; the path is the digital twin.

For the future development of Metaverse, Xu Zhengchuan believes that from a technical perspective, Metaverse is the inevitable result of the gradual development and aggregation of digital technologies such as AI, blockchain, cloud computing, data twins, and virtual engines . The combination of technology has the characteristics of biological evolution, and it will pursue its next improvement and expansion. From a social perspective, Metaverse will further reduce the creation cost and threshold for general users, increase the freedom of creation, stimulate the public’s enthusiasm for creation, further release productivity and creativity, and build a network-based society in the next step.

Professor Yan Feng from the Chinese Department of Fudan University shared his views on the Metaverse from the perspectives of literature, art, and humanities. He said that the Metaverse is a combination of virtual and reality, and digital technology has promoted the development of the Metaverse. “The virtual universe depicted in literature, painting, drama, film, etc. was separated from the physical universe in the past. With the development of science and technology, the boundaries between the two universes began to be broken and merged continuously. Human virtual activities are becoming more and more With physical power, the result of this fusion is the Metaverse.”

As a game player for many years, Yan Feng believes that gameplay is one of the important characteristics of the Metaverse, and it can be played in a more free way. An active approach engages the user in an otherwise passive activity. He is optimistic about the future of the metaverse. With the deepening of complementarity and integration of reality and virtuality, the metaverse will bring a new future world that integrates life, art, technology, and games.

The Zhongmo Information Technology Company founded by Chen Li currently has two main products, 3D digital design service and digital twin platform. He believes that XR products, as the intersection of virtual and real in the Metaverse, are more of a productivity tool, helping industrial manufacturing, industrial management, and remote training. In the specific application of the digital twin platform, taking the smart city as an example, the data of the real world can be synchronized to the digital world, and the production can be simulated first, which greatly improves the production efficiency. In addition, it also realizes low-carbon energy saving, and finally achieves AI Integration to realize intelligent decision-making throughout the process.

Xie Hao, the founder and CEO of Yuanyi Imagination, mainly introduced the construction of the lightweight metaverse. In his eyes, the essence of the metaverse is to use symbols to construct a system of meaning. Text, assembly language, etc. are all tools for constructing virtual worlds. The first stop of the metaverse in the future will be Web 3.0, but it will also bring challenges in four aspects: content production efficiency, content quality, compatibility and operation. He also showed some lightweight metaverse products on the spot, including a sales tool designed for BMW China. Through a virtual storefront, users can realize virtual shop visits, and an app that allows users to shop through browsers, smartphones, VR headsets are easy enough to access and participate in real spatial interactions. (Source: Wen Wei Po)