Good news! 121 companies from Qilu Software Park were selected as 2022 Jinan Gazelle Enterprises

Reporter Xiu Congtao and correspondent Qiu Manhua

On November 18, the Jinan Municipal Bureau of Industry and Information Technology issued the “Notice on Publishing 2022 Jinan Gazelle Enterprises”, The 400 companies selected for the list of 2022 municipal-level gazelle companies will be announced. A total of 121 companies have been selected in Qilu Software Park this time, accounting for 73.3% of the total number of companies selected in Jinan High-tech Zone and 30.3% of the total number of companies selected in the city.

As Jinan City big data and new An important gathering area of ​​a generation of information technology industries. In recent years, Qilu Software Park has been led by new generation information technologies such as big data, industrial Internet, cloud computing, artificial intelligence, and blockchain to strengthen the development of high-end industries and enhance the deep integration of industries. Vigorously develop the digital economy, actively promote digital industrialization and industrial digitization, and cultivate a number of industrial clusters and enterprise groups with core competitiveness. In 2022, 121 municipal-level gazelle enterprises will be approved in the park, an increase of 43% compared with 2021, and the number of gazelle enterprises will quadruple in four years.

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