How much is the salary of the company’s employees? The Shandong Provincial Federation of Trade Unions gives these suggestions

Dazhong Daily reporter Liu Yiying Yang Fan

Recently, the Shandong Provincial Federation of Trade Unions held a press conference to discuss the research results of “one sample and two guidelines” for collective negotiation of enterprise wages (salary incentives) (hereinafter referred to as “one sample, two guidelines”) for interpretation.

The system of collective negotiation and collective contract is an effective path for trade union organizations to perform their basic duties of rights protection services, promote and improve various institutionalized negotiation platforms, and promote the improvement of labor relations negotiation and coordination mechanisms. In order to help the grassroots to communicate and negotiate the concerns of the enterprise and the employees, to sign and use the collective contract, and to truly reflect the basic principle of collective negotiation “to take into account the interests of both the enterprise and the employees”, since 2021, the Provincial Federation of Trade Unions has organized Special forces set up a research group, which lasted one year and seven months, and formed a comprehensive and innovative research project based on salary (salary incentives) “reference samples for negotiation points, guidelines for negotiation key issues, and guidance for negotiation work processes” as the main body.

“One sample” is the “Reference Sample of Negotiation Key Points”, with a total of 20 chapters, 80 articles, and more than 300 negotiation points. On the basis of covering basic negotiating content such as salary determination, innovatively adopt the concept of salary incentives, pay wages under special circumstances such as allowances, employee benefits, vacations and personal leaves, investment in supporting facilities for employees’ work, study and life, and rewards for labor and skill competitions, etc. Items are operationally refined to solve the problem of “what to negotiate”.

The “two guidelines”, the first is the “Guidelines for Negotiation Key Issues”, based on an in-depth study of laws and regulations in the labor field and reform policies for the construction of industrial workers, the legal policy basis and The precautions are explained in detail to solve the problem of “what is the basis for negotiation”; the second is the “Guidelines for Negotiation Workflow”, which distills the main process of negotiation into 4 stages, 12 steps, and 42 key points of operation, and solves the problem of “how to standardize the negotiation process”. , full implementation of the collective contract” and other issues.

It is understood that “One Sample Two Guidelines” has filled the research and practice gaps in the domestic collective negotiation and collective contract system in terms of operability, integrity, innovation, foresight and demonstration.