The cold wave is coming, quickly get the antifreeze tips for water supply facilities

Weifang Daily News from Weifang Financial MediaWinter is getting stronger and the weather is getting colder. The cold air is likely to cause the sewer pipes in the citizens’ homes to be frozen or the faucets to be frozen. If not handled properly, May cause unnecessary losses. On November 27, the reporter consulted Weifang City Water Supply Co., Ltd. and learned that after winter, citizens need to do a good job of antifreezing water meters and pipes in time.

Limited tap water in the city Professionals from the company insulate the water supply facilities. (Information map)

Professionals from the Municipal Water Supply Co., Ltd. introduced that several measures can be taken to prevent freezing and heat preservation of water supply facilities. The first is to “wear clothes to protect against the cold”. For water facilities such as water pipes, water meters, and faucets that are exposed to the outside, it is recommended to wrap them with waste clothes, plastic foam, sponges or professional thermal insulation materials.

Furthermore, pay attention to “close the windows to keep warm”. When the temperature drops at night, keep the doors and windows in the corridor closed, and close the windows of balconies, kitchens, bathrooms and other dark rooms in time. Ensure that the indoor temperature is above 0°C.

Professionals of Municipal Water Supply Co., Ltd. Check water supply facilities. (Data map)

Another method is to keep the water flowing. Pay attention to the weather forecast in time. In severe cold weather, you can slightly turn on the faucet at night to form a dripping line to ensure the flow of tap water in the water pipe to prevent freezing at night . Conserve water by using a suitable container to catch dripping water.

In addition, you need to pay attention to “preparation”, and prepare for water storage at any time. It is best to store some hot water at night to avoid inconvenience to the next day’s life; Empty the water in the water tank of the solar water heater; if you go out for a long time, it is best to close the tap water valve and empty the tap water in the indoor pipeline to prevent freezing cracks and water leakage.

Professionals remind citizens to “learn to respond to emergencies”. Once water facilities are frozen, do not hit them with sharp objects, barbecue with open flames or pour boiling water directly, so as not to cause the facilities to rupture or cause a fire , You can use a strong hair dryer to bake or wrap the frozen parts with fabric, and pour warm water repeatedly.

Relevant person in charge of Municipal Water Supply Co., Ltd. If the public finds that there are tap water insulation stacks, insulation boxes, insulation pipes that are not tight, or air leakage, etc., please report to the water company for repairs. Citizens can call the customer service hotline 8666110, or follow the official account of Weifang Tap Water Co., Ltd., enter the interface and click “WeChat Customer Service” in the “Public Service” menu bar below. The customer service applet “Yuan Xiaoshui” will provide citizens with online Caring service.

Weifang Daily All-Media Reporter: Zhao Chunhui/Text