psoriasis treatment strategy

Psoriasis is a stubborn skin disease. In clinical work, I will meet patients with psoriasis from time to time. The specific cause of psoriasis is not yet fully clear. What we know is related to endocrine disorders and mental factors , type of work, radiation and other factors, many people rush to the doctor in a hurry during the medical treatment process, resulting in more complicated conditions, not only not cured, but also suffering from other derivative diseases. Conditioning methods:

1. Do more safe exercise to improve immunity. After suffering from psoriasis, the first thing to do is to ensure that you are in good health. The better your physical condition and the stronger your immunity, the better your psoriasis will be, otherwise it will become more and more serious.

2. Actively control infection Even a simple pharyngitis must be actively controlled, because it can also lead to low immunity and induce psoriasis.

3. Control mental stress Excessive mental stress is the trigger of psoriasis, so it is also important to relieve mental stress. This requires us not to worry too much about the disease itself, but to be cheerful and continue to do what we should do. Once mental tension occurs, it can be adjusted by talking with friends, reading, listening to music, and practicing calligraphy.

4. Expose more sun to produce vitamin D, and vitamin D is of considerable value in the treatment of psoriasis. But psoriasis patients often don’t want people to see the affected area, but wrap the affected area, so they are most likely to miss this good opportunity for treatment.

4. Keep the skin moist The most common form of psoriasis is dry scales. Keeping the skin moist can reduce scales and itching. You can often wet compress, bathe, and apply oily cream locally. Introduce two unilateral bathing methods: ① 30-60 grams of Qinpi, add 1-1.5 liters of water, decoct and wash the affected area. ② 120 grams each of dry alum and Sichuan pepper, 500 grams of nitrate, 250 grams of wild chrysanthemum, add appropriate amount of water to decoct soup, and make a whole body bath. It is suitable for patients with psoriasis vulgaris and erythroderma.

5. In daily life, patients must also avoid spicy food, seafood, and high-calorie and high-protein food to prevent their heat from increasing. If you can strictly avoid food, and adhere to the correct TCM syndrome differentiation and treatment, the clinical curative effect of this disease is still very good.