I have spent hundreds of thousands of yuan on psychological counseling for several years, but now I feel that it is not effective, what should I do?

I have spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on psychological counseling for several years, but now I feel that it is not effective, what should I do?

The price of psychological counseling is generally not low. Many people want to do psychological counseling, and they must first consider the cost. The products are different, such as a pair of socks, the expensive ones may be 10 yuan, and the cheap ones may be 1 yuan. High psychological counseling may be 1,000 yuan, and low one may be 100 yuan. The things you buy alone will definitely be useful and will not be wasted. Psychological counseling that has no effect is a real waste. It does not mean that high is good, and low is not Well, the key is the effect.

It is very important to find a psychological counselor with good counseling effect. How to find a really useful psychological counselor is not easy. The effect of a psychological counselor is good. , and finding such a counselor is also a technical job.

Now the common method is to check whether there is a certificate, how long it takes to study certain therapies, how much time is available for individual consultation, and whether there is long-term supervision. There is a high probability of choosing a wrong counselor when selecting a counselor.

This is because many treatments are not scientific. The longer you study, the farther you may be from the correct goal, and supervision is also a problem. Some supervision does not address the problem The problem of the visitor is going around in circles, and the psychological counselor can’t get real help. On the other hand, if the supervisor doesn’t do the case, or doesn’t know how to do the case, how can the supervision be effective.

Spent hundreds of thousands of dollars for a few years but it didn’t work. There are two problems. One is that the visitor is dull. If he feels no effect after doing it for 3 times, he should stop. The other is some psychological counseling. If the teacher has a problem and feels that the effect is not good, he should take the initiative to stop.

Finding a counselor who can solve their own problems is a big problem for many visitors and family members.